School board hires new vocal teacher, discusses administrators’ duties

The Davis School Board met June 8 with all members present for the meeting. The bulk of the over two-hour meeting was spent in executive session discussing agenda items like hiring a vocal music teacher, discussion of extra duty appointments for the 2020-21 school, updated board policies and conduct ongoing and evaluation of the superintendent. School superintendent Mark Moring also updated the board on his “slow planning” of returning to school.
Emily Isern was hired as the new vocal music teacher for the high school and middle school. Board policies were tabled and each month board members speak with Moring in executive session regarding his job performance.
Extra duty assignments were handled a little differently with high school principal Trey Owens being singled out for a specific vote by school board member Blue Hefley on retaining his duties as an assistant football coach. All extra duty assignments for the year were approved and in the vote on Owens’ coaching position for the upcoming year, Hefley and school board president Brent Gee voted no. Dr. Ryan Oden, Jeremy Hoffman and Bubba Bolding all voted yes.
In the superintendent’s report, Moring said that the school is “slow planning” their fall start date. “As of right now, our first day is on the calendar (Aug. 13.) We don’t know what things will look like 65 -70 days from now. I would rather start like normal and eat into some snow days if we have to close.”
Moring said that he had spoken with a state school official and they both had concerns about taking all of these precautions to reopen school and, in turn, scaring children or making them anxious to return to school. “We have taken extra precautions and have purchased more disinfecting equipment and more sanitizing stations,” he explained. “We have seen some very aggressive plans in returning to school. Like some schools having days where a certain group of kids attend school on a certain days or virtual days for students. We have plans if things get worse.”
He even spoke about educational opportunities for parents if virtual learning becomes the norm regarding Google Classroom and Edmentum. “If this arises again, I’d like to take this a step further for the parents,” Moring said.
The June 8 school board meeting is available on Davis Public Schools Facebook page. The next school board meeting is July 13 at 6 p.m.

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