Dollar General closes briefly as employee tests positive for virus

Davis Facebook sleuths didn’t take a temporary closure at a local business serious when it was reported the closure was for a broken air conditioner. Yes, the air conditioner was broken but the rumor of an employee with a positive COVID-19 test gained traction with reports of people going in and out of the store wearing hazmat suits . . . .
Two days later, the Dollar General Public Relations Department confirmed the positive case in an email statement to The Davis News. (See The Davis News Facebook page for the statement in its entirety.)
The News reached out to District 8 Regional Administrative Director, Mendy Spohn, at press time asking for a time line detailing when people could’ve come in contact with the employee at Dollar General but she said that businesses are not required to make this information public and she doesn’t have a time line. “We are working the case and making recommendations of quarantine recommendations.  They are following recommendations for control of spread,” Spohn said.
“The Murray County Health Department is working with positive COVID-19 cases regularly. If someone tests positive, it is helpful for them to contact the local health department to let us know. Sometimes results are from a rapid test or testing done at a private facility, and we may not hear about them for a few days due to turnaround time in reporting to the state,” Spohn said in an email statement to The News on July 24.
“The quicker we know, the sooner we can work with the person to make recommendations and provide needed assistance or information. We can also begin determining who is a close contact for quarantine recommendations. This sometimes includes businesses where the case or contacts work.  Our staff can offer timely and individualized recommendations for prevention according to the specific circumstances of the situation.”
Since a business is not required to disclose that they have a COVID-19 case to the public, it is best to follow suggested protocol of wearing a mask, use of hand sanitizer and washing your hands is imperative. If you don’t have to make the trip, stay home.
The Health Department continues to provide free testing in Sulphur. Please call (580) 622-3716 to make an appointment and request your paperwork to fill out in advance.
(Editors note: In an effort to reduce the stigma of reporting a positive COVID-19 case to the public, The News would like to offer any business or group that finds themselves needing to make a COVID-19 case public a free ad with information regarding your temporary closure and an ad stating your reopening plans. We would also like to help you get in touch with the Health Department to make a timeline available to those who may need to be tested. We will also make this information available on our Facebook page. We are aware you are not required to disclose this information but if you would like to, we are here to help.)

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