Arbuckle Memorial enhances tobacco-free policies and signage

Tobacco-Free at AMH. Lacee Beatley, Pam Chitwood, and Tammy Bivens, staff at Arbuckle Memorial Hospital, display the new tobacco-free campus signage.

The Oklahoma Hospital Association’s Hospitals Helping Patients Quit (HHPQ) initiative, a grant program of TSET, helps member hospitals across the state with tobacco treatment systems change, which includes support for tobacco-free environments.
The HHPQ team has helped more than 70 hospitals throughout the state implement best practices for tobacco-free environments. This includes help with developing tobacco-free policy language, communication, and strategies for compliance.
Coal County General Hospital, Coalgate; Duncan Regional Hospital; and Arbuckle Memorial Hospital, Sulphur, have all adopted tobacco free polices at the highest levels of excellence. Recently the HHPQ program provided all three hospitals with customized tobacco free signs with each hospital’s logo.
“Well placed tobacco-free signage is an essential step in letting visitors know that your campus is tobacco free,” said Meagan Carter, health improvement specialist at the OHA.
If you are a patient or visitor at one of these hospitals and are interested in quitting, please ask staff for help and they will provide you with assistance to lead a tobacco-free life. For more information about the HHPQ program, please email [email protected]
The Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust (TSET) supports OHA’s Hospital Helping Patients Quit and the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline. For more information on the HHPQ initiative, go to For information on the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline, see

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