Ultra4 National Championship begins Friday at Cross Bar Ranch

By Alisha Thompson

Close your eyes. Imagine 44 vehicles turn over their engines at the same time. You’re listening to the hum of a combined 37,000 horse power in those motors ready and waiting for the green flag to drop. Your feet shake because of the power coming from millions of dollars worth of vehicles rattling the earth. This is the beginning of something exciting and you know you have to pay attention because there are 10 drivers, all within striking distance of becoming the Ultra4 National Champion.
The best part? You’re there to watch it live and in person.
Well, the organizers of the 4WP Ultra4 National Championship hope you’ll head to Cross Bar Offroad Park or Turner Falls Park to see this historic event on Friday and Saturday.
Cross Bar management Brian Trotter and Justin Ramsey both agree that this race coming to Davis is something they never thought they’d see. However, both jumped at the chance for the offroad park to host the National Championship that is normally held in Reno, Nevada. The event had to have a change of venue when the COVID-19 pandemic put the brakes on hosting the 10,000 spectators that normally take in the event every year.
The call came to Cross Bar in the spring asking if the park would like to host the biggest offroad race to ever hit Oklahoma. Cross Bar has hosted races before, but nothing of this magnitude. Organizers expect around 5,000 people to attend this event including participants from Pennsylvania, Washington and Florida, to name a few. There will be UTV races and different race classes including trucks that have 900 horse power motors, 40 inch tires and costing around half a million dollars. Ramsey said some of these vehicles don’t really have a budget to work with, they have money to work with.
“We are beyond excited to see Nationals partnering with us and Turner Falls Park,” Ramsey said. “This is our chance to showcase the culture of offroad racing and unite both parks. We have great trails and have built a parking lot at Turner Falls Park just for this event.”
There will be a concert at Turner Falls Park, possibly with a laser light show at the Falls. They hope to bring 20 to 30 vehicles into town on Friday, if time allows them to do so. This is due to the fact that the qualifying race won’t be finished in time to host the first responders parade that was scheduled for 2 p.m. on Main Street in Davis.
Those interested in seeing the vehicles and talking to the drivers will have every opportunity to do so on Saturday at Cross Bar. Ramsey said the drivers love talking to race attendees and fans. This is yet another unique opportunity that this race allows for those in attendance.
Races begin at 8 a.m. on Saturday with multiple races throughout the day that can be viewed on 13 different jumbotrons at Cross Bar and Turner Falls. Following the race there will be a concert with Wes Jeans opening for Derek Harris 100 Bones Band.
“You can hang out and see the race cars,” Trotter said. “You’ll see the pit area where the vehicles are being worked on. You can look at the cars, touch them. Walk through pit row. The drivers love people walking around and talking to them. If you’re at Turner Falls or Cross Bar, it will be an awesome experience for anyone.”
Spectator admission to the race is $10 and admission to Turner Falls Park is $6 for a total of $16. Those wishing to camp overnight will need to purchase a camping permit. If you would like to bring your side by sides to ride in Turner Falls Park and to Cross Bar, there will be an additional charge of $30 for the riders admission for riders 16 years old and older and $20 for riders 10-15 years old. Davis residents will not need to purchase park admission to Turner Falls Park but will be required to purchase the spectator admission and/or the rider admission to view the race and attend the concerts.
There will be food trucks during the race and concert on Saturday. For this event and following, the gate will be open for dual park access to those purchasing tickets.
Ramsey and Trotter agree that Turner Falls Park and Cross Bar Ranch will be a beautiful backdrop to this nationally televised race.
Ultra4 has generously purchased an offroad vehicle for the City of Davis. They are also sending their mechanics to look at the city’s offroad vehicles that need maintenance. Ramsey said this it typical of the Ultra4 organization. “This is a neat organization to be a part of,” Ramsey explained. “They have major sponsors that take care of their racers and spectators. Look at the brands who back the company. That is the quality of the people coming to Davis.”
The race schedule for Ultra4 was drastically impacted by COVID-19. Trotter compared the race to the UFC version of an Ultra4 race, “This is the knock down, drag out version of outdoor racing. Why not come to see the biggest race in Oklahoma? The top 10 drivers are all within striking distance of being the 2020 Ultra4 Champion.”
Ramsey challenges those who may not know if they want to come to see the race to come for an entirely different reason, Cross Bar Ranch. “This is the best place in Murray County to get the biggest view of God’s Country. If you enjoy the great outdoors, you’ll enjoy this weekend.”
Racers and their families will start coming in to Davis today. Don’t miss this historic, nationally televised event at Cross Bar Offroad Park and Turner Falls Park. Head over to Cross Bar Offroad Park’s Facebook page for more information and up-to-date coverage of the weekend.

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