Black Friday to feature local stores as big box competitors close in 2020

Black Friday Advertising. If you would like to be included in this advertising special please fill out the check list above and return it to The Davis News by Monday.

COVID-19 has turned out the lights for a lot of big retailers on Black Friday this year. Thank goodness the “mom and pop” stores are holding out for what could be a record start to the holiday shopping season and maybe, just maybe, a sign of a healthier economy.
Murray County has everything you need to make it a great gift giving season and we’re going to show you how in upcoming editions of The Davis News.
We want to highlight merchants that are working to make the holidays special for Murray County. This story is open to all Murray County retailers hosting a Black Friday or holiday sale.
Do you have online shopping options? A website? Facebook or Instagram sales options? Would you offer special shopping times to the elderly or those whose health is at risk during this pandemic?
Can you help a husband who doesn’t know what to buy for his wife? Would you be willing to set up a video call with a customer to see if your store can become a personal shopper for them if they can’t or don’t feel comfortable coming to the store?
Do you offer curbside pickup? Free in town delivery? Do you ship? Do you have gift cards available?
These are all of the things we’d like to find out and we want you to reach out to us and let us know.
We will work on a story for next week’s edition of The Davis News and the Nov. 18 edition will feature Black Friday sales ads that will be offered at 25% off to any advertiser if we receive them by Friday, Nov. 13. Your sales ads will be featured on social media and our website as an added bonus.
All participants in this ad will take their turn being featured on The Davis News Facebook page on Wednesday and Saturday throughout the holiday season.
Call us today at (580) 369-2807 or email [email protected] to be included in this article and take part in our advertising special.

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