Coronavirus outbreak hits Burford Manor with 23 cases and counting

COVID-19 has found it’s way to Burford Manor Nursing home with 14 residents and 9 staff members that have tested positive for the virus. Two residents have recently come out of isolation from the virus.
The facility has remained free of the virus for six months.
Nursing home staff say that enhanced cleaning and testing protocols are in effect. Residents and staff are testing weekly. Staff that are not working are being tested in their cars. Phone calls will be made to family members of Burford Manor residents when new cases of COVID-19 are diagnosed.
Those wishing to help during these trying times at Burford Manor can donate Lysol spray, hand sanitizer, Pedialyte or Gatorade to the facility. A tote has been placed in front of the building to collect these items. Individuals with questions are invite to call Burford Manor at (580) 369-2653.
Speaker’s Two Cents
Speaker of the House, Charles McCall, made a visit to The Davis News Monday afternoon to say hello and COVID-19 quickly dominated conversation during the visit.
Speaker McCall said he is not surprised that there was a surge in COVID-19 cases. He said he expected the surge entering flu season.
The Governor’s branch of government manages the COVID-19 situation and Speaker McCall said they are doing a great job. “They have to know how much additional capacity we have to deal with hospital visits as the numbers grow and we have further spread.” Speaker McCall said OU Medical Center has opened a 1,500 bed new facility ahead of time thanks to money that Governor Kevin Stitt utilized to make things like this a reality in the state before they are needed in an emergency.
COVID-19 has brought many unknowns with it and several instances of inconsistencies regarding data and areas of improvement that were easy to identify. Including a shutdown that wreaked havoc on the state’s bottom line. The state can’t sustain another economic shut down and Speaker McCall said that next years budget will suffer in areas like education, healthcare, roads and bridges.
Months into this pandemic, Speaker McCall feels we might’ve become a little numb to the situation, but he knows we are going to bounce back. He’s quick to encourage Oklahoman’s to think about their neighbor and be aware of situations and the needs of others. “There is no question in my mind that we will get through this and things will return back to normal,” McCall said. “The vaccine will roll out in the next six months and we will need to continue to press forward and live our lives. We can’t stop for everything.”
Rising Case Numbers
The rise is COVID-19 cases in and around Davis has picked up speed over the past six days. As of the Oklahoma State Department of Health’s Daily Situation Update on Monday, each of the five counties around Davis have seen an uptick in active cases to the tune of 30 percent or greater since last Tuesday.
Davis added 12 new cases with several more coming from the outbreak at Burford Manor. That ran Davis’ total active case number to 29, the largest we have seen in our weekly updates so far. With Sulphur running it’s total from 43 to 53, the Murray County total had increased by 43 percent from 63 to 90 current active cases.
In the surrounding area, the fastest rise this week was in Garvin County, which went up 47 percent to 272. Johnston rose 44 percent to 75. Pontotoc and Carter Counties also rose 37 and 30 percent to totals of 309 and 212 active cases each, respectively.
Many towns saw their number of active cases surge, often nearly doubling their totals. Wilson went from just six active cases to 15. Lindsay went from 28 to 55. Maysville rose from 10 to 21 and Stratford increased from 19 to 39.
Scary Glitch
The situation seemed even more dire for those who saw the update from OSDH on Nov. 7 as numbers spiked due to a glitch causing cases to be duplicated in their system.
Commissioner Dr. Lance Frye issued the following statement on Sunday about the COVID-19 numbers being updated on the state dashboard:
“Today’s individual case number, 4,507, is a corrected version of yesterday’s number with all duplicate cases removed. Today we will not be releasing a new daily case number, allowing our data reporting system to catch up and ensure duplications are removed from the daily number prior to release moving forward. Starting tomorrow, the daily number released will not include any duplicates. We are committed to giving the public and media accurate and transparent data, and this will ensure the daily number reflects the actual case count. We will continue to point to the 7-day average, percent positivity and hospitalizations in addition to the daily number to give a more complete picture of trends.”
“We have no reason to believe our revised number is an anomaly, but instead shows community spread is occurring. We continue to urge all Oklahomans to take this highly-contagious virus seriously and act immediately to avoid large gatherings, wear a mask, wash your hands and watch your distance to others. Together we can bring these numbers down and protect our friends, family and neighbors.”
At least the state isn’t experiencing the kind of surge it looked like on Saturday, but clearly the local COVID situation is becoming more serious as the month of November unfolds.

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