City addresses property clean-up

Safety first. The Davis Fire Department puts its ladder truck to use recently checking the structural integrity of a building on Main Street to make sure the thoroughfare remains safe for traffic and pedestrians.

Eleven properties were the subject of a public hearing held at the Davis City Council meeting on Nov. 9. The City of Davis has taken a proactive approach when dealing with properties with dilapidated properties or properties with health and sanitation violations.
City Manager Andy Holland said “What is good is that people are paying attention, they are taking action. This town will never move forward until someone will take ownership of their property. If we don’t take action, we will continue to have abate properties because it’s cheaper to do nothing. Sheriff sales have not been a part of our history in Davis but we are quickly marching down that path.”
The following properties were approved by the council for abatement: 602 E. Main Street (formerly Soonerette), Golden Meadows Addition (given 14 more days to complete projects), North East Street, 305 North East Street, 209 Marvin Street, 508 West Chigley and 301 N. B Street.
These properties were declared dilapidated: 501 E. Adler, 106 E. Chigley and 508 West Chigley. The property owners have 30 days to demolish these properties or the city can do it.
No action taken on 211 West Davis. It was determined that notice was not properly posted on the residence and the owner is under doctor’s orders until the middle of January. The council said they would revisit this property in the January council meeting.
Dustin Horn with P&M Wrecker received all yes votes at this month’s council meeting when requesting 500 West Main Street in Davis be rezoned commercial. Horn will move his impound yard and U-Haul towing business to this location. In the future, there will be retail commercial space on this property that Horn plans to rent to local businesses.
City Council
Melissa Tiger and Cheryl Dodds will be able to have their full lump sum withdrawal from OMRF retirement funds.
Holland will serve on the SODA Board of Directors as representation from the City of Davis.
The Davis Volunteer Fire Department meeting schedule for 2021.
The 1995 E-One Freightliner model FL80 fire truck was declared surplus and donated to the Reagan Fire Department.
Davis Municipal Authority
Hand held radio equipment and signal issues in dead spots in Turner Falls Park will now be an issue of the past for Davis emergency responders with funds being allocated to help upgrade equipment.
Turner Falls will now have a new Kubota S Series skid steer for use in the park and city.
The next city council meeting will be Monday, Dec. 14 at 6 p.m.

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