People of Davis rally around Burford Manor, first COVID death reported

Coming together. The Davis Builders Club was one of several businesses and organizations to make a donation to Burford Manor this week. Pictured are, from left, Adison Ryan, Gabby Webber and Hunter Smith.

Burford Manor Nursing home saw it’s first COVID-19 related death on Tuesday, according to administrator, Keziah Koshegee.
Koshegee said the facility has around 40 residents and 23 employees that have been diagnosed with COVID-19. The facility currently has 52 residents. “We need prayers, it’s starting to get overwhelming,” Koshegee said. “We are trying to do our best. We need strength to care for everyone.”
The community of Davis has stepped up in a big way making donations on a daily basis to the nursing home. “We want the community to know we are so thankful for their support. They have fed us and cried with us. We are thankful and thankful for God being with us,” Koshegee said.
There is a tote in front of the glass doors where you can leave items for the facility or a resident. Those wishing to sign up for a meal to feed employees can do so on The Davis News Facebook page. There is a post pinned at the top of the page with a schedule that is updated often. The schedule will remain on the page until the lock down is over. When making a donation, please wear a mask and use hand sanitizer before approaching the building.

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