Arrests continue in Sheriff’s Office burglary investigations

Guns galore. Investigations by Murray County Sheriff’s deputies resulted in the recovery of a substantial amount of stolen property. The property recovered many items including ranging from a pickup truck to this assortment of weaponry.

The Murray County Sheriff’s Office has arrested four more subjects in on-going investigation into burglary or drug related crimes.
On Jan. 11, Deputy Brandon Eddy arrested Penny Dunsing after an investigation led law enforcement to focus on her involvement with Logan Berryhill. Berryhill was earlier charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and was arrested in Ada for possession of another stolen vehicle from the Sulphur Area. He is suspected of stealing numerous vehicles around the Murray County area.
Law enforcement received information Logan was frequenting Penny Dunsing’s residence in Sulphur. Lawmen suspected that Berryhill had hidden stolen or illegal property at Dunsing’s residence. Deputies also recovered Dunsing’s City of Sulphur-issued cell phone from Berryhill During the investigation, lawmen were informed that she had allegedly assisted him in evading law enforcement.
Evidence suggested Dunsing was aware of the numerous vehicles Berryhill had stolen in the area but did not inform local law enforcement. Deputies also recovered a Sulphur issued police radio from her residence. After the Murray County Sheriff’s Office completed its investigation a report was produced for the District Attorney to review and upon review, an arrest warrant was issued for Dunsing.
She was charged with maintaining a dwelling or any place which is resorted to by persons using controlled dangerous substances or for the purpose of using, keeping, or selling such substance, use of a police scanner while in commission of a crime, and possession of stolen property.
On Jan. 12, the Pauls Valley Police Department was able to locate and arrest Joseph Simmons on a felony warrant issued in the District Court of Murray County. Deputies learned Joseph Simmons allegedly pawned stolen items at a local pawn shop from a burglary in the Pauls Valley area. Sheriff Rogers and Undersheriff Jay McClure met the Pauls Valley victims at the local pawn shop where the they identified the property. Joseph had sold a pistol from the burglary to a local subject and law enforcement was able to recover the stolen firearms. The stolen pistol was apparently traded for methamphetamine and money.
“I’m really thankful to Pauls Valley Chief Mitch McGill for his assistance in this incident,” Rogers said. “I think Joseph Simmons could be charged in Garvin County for his involvement in the Pauls Valley burglary.”
Rogers also pointed out that Simmons and his girlfriend are also suspected of stealing a check from a local woman and attempting to forge the check for $1,000. at a bank in Pauls Valley.
On Jan. 7, he was contacted by a female subject in Davis who wanted assistance finding her stolen purse that was taken from her vehicle. He and Undersheriff McClure went to a residence on south Sixth Street and spoke with a female who was suspected in the auto-burglary.
A search of the vehicle she was operating produced a purse and numerous documents displaying the name of the victim. They arrested the woman, Candice Newton, for her involvement in the auto-burglary. She was charged in the District Court of Murray County for burglary of an automobile.
On Jan. 14, the Sheriff was contacted by the owner of Runyan Wrecker Service about a vehicle in his impound lot that had been burglarized the previous night. Sheriff Rogers was able to obtain surveillance of two subjects inside the impound yard and one of them had a stolen radio from the vehicle in his hand.
The men and their residences were identified. Ultimately, Rogers was able to retrieve the car radio and Steven Pulis was arrested for his involvement in the incident. The other suspect has since agreed to voluntarily surrender himself to law enforcement. According to Rogers, if the suspect does not surrender himself a long jail sentence will be recommended.
MCSO expects a warrant to be issued for the girlfriend of Simmons for her part in the stolen check and her involvement in concealing the stolen property from the Pauls Valley burglary. Deputies are attempting to get an arrest warrant for a subject who was in possession of a stolen AR-15 form an auto-burglary in Sulphur.
This person frequents a residence near the Oklahoma Veterans Hospital in Sulphur. Deputies have identified the suspected methamphetamine dealer where numerous subjects have taken stolen property and traded for drugs. Sheriff Rogers expects the dealer to be arrested in the immediate future.

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