Local COVID cases decrease for third consecutive week

For the third straight week, the number of active coronavirus cases in the five-county area around Davis has fallen. This is according to the Daily Situation update put out by the Oklahoma State Department of Health.
Three weeks ago, OSDH showed the city of Davis as having 70 active cases of COVID-19. As of Tuesday, that number is down to just 35. Similarly, in that time Sulphur has seen its number drop from 131 to 104. In the past week, Davis saw a decline of 20 cases while Sulphur’s active total reduced by 8.
Additionally, four of the five counties around Davis saw declines over the past seven days as well. The total in Carter County fell from 514 to 484. Pontotoc County also went from 393 to 310. Most significant though, was Garvin County, which dropped from 275 to 197. That’s a 28% decrease in just seven days.
The only county that went up was Johnston County, rising from 93 to 95 active cases. Johnston went down by three cases the week before and three weeks ago saw a free-fall of 50 active cases. Overall, in the past three weeks that county’s active case count is down from 146 to 95 as of Tuesday.
The five-county area total is particularly encouraging as that number was 1,926 on Jan. 19, 1,538 on Jan. 26, 1,448 on Feb. 2 and as of Tuesday was all the way down to 1,236.

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