Coronavirus numbers dropping fast while vaccine efforts grow

There is a lot of good news these days relating to the fight against COVID-19. The Oklahoma State Department Health continues to produce a daily situation Update, which shows the case numbers going down a steep decline.Davis dropped to just 20 active cases on Tuesday, down from 28 two weeks ago. Sulphur also slid from 29 to 25, while Dougherty still has one.
Among the five counties surrounding Davis, each has seen it’s active case count reduced substantially in the last two weeks. Carter County’s number fell the furthest, from 214 to 157. Pontotoc County dropped by 42 cases to 150. Garvin and Johnston each were reduced by 31 and 25, to 92 and 47 cases, respectively.
For Murray County, the total went from 63 to 48 in the last two weeks.
The reality of the improvement maybe felt the most at Davis Public Schools. At one point in the fall semester the school had over 60 students out of school due to quarantine. According to Superintendent Mark Moring, as of Monday there were three.
These numbers are no doubt aided by the continued vaccination effort with Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines all being administered in Oklahoma now. The Pontotoc County health department was offering vaccinations to walk-ins this week and Wal-Mart held a vaccination clinic for the Johnson & Johnson shots on Tuesday.
In Murray County the brand and doses available change from week to week. There is no availability to walk-ins at this time as all of its doses are currently scheduled to be administered.
With the CDC issuing new guidelines for vaccinated individuals and states taking steps to further reopen, the pandemic maybe dissipating soon.

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