Murray County Sheriff’s Office nabs suspects after local business burglarized

The Murray County Sheriff’s Office has arrested three people from three different towns in connection with a burglary from a local business.
Sheriff Darin Rogers was informed of a burglary that occurred at Triple L Roustabout which is located near the intersection of Highway 110 and Highway 7 on Feb. 25.
When deputies arrived at the business they were informed by the owner that thousands of dollars worth of tools and other items were missing. Deputy Don Helpingstine collected evidence inside the business while Sheriff Rogers and Undersheriff Jay McClure collected and photographed evidence on the outside of the building.
Within the first hours of the investigation, deputies were able to focus on a group of individuals who appeared to be involved in the criminal activity. After numerous interviews, Sheriff Rogers focused on a residence located on Patton Drive near the Arbuckle Lake. Sheriff Rogers obtained a search warrant for the residence on Patton Drive on Feb. 25.
When deputies executed the search warrant, stolen items from Triple L Roustabout were found inside the residence. Law enforcement collected the stolen items and then released the residence.
Sheriff Rogers learned two of the suspects involved in the burglary were hiding out at a residence near East Sixth Street and Hickory Street in Sulphur on Feb. 26.
Sheriff Rogers contacted members of the Sulphur Special Response Team and rangers from the National Park Service for assistance in the arrest of the subjects. With the assistance of the other agencies, lawmen were able to arrest Joshua Busby of Dougherty and Cheyenne Digby of Sulphur from the residence for their alleged involvement in the Triple L Roustabout burglary.
During this investigation, Sheriff Rogers learned of another subject who was allegedly involved in the burglary. Pauls Valley Chief of Police Mitch McGill was informed of the other suspect allegedly involved in the incident, who was possibly hiding in the Pauls Valley area. Officers of the Pauls Valley Police Department were able to locate and arrest Joseph L. Simmons of Pauls Valley for his involvement of the incident on March 4. Sheriff Rogers learned of evidence obtained during the arrest of Simmons that he believes connects him to the burglary.
According to Sheriff Rogers, he has learned two other individuals assisted in loading and transporting of the stolen items. Sheriff Rogers’ deputies are in the process of obtaining arrest warrants for the other two individuals.
Busby has been charged with burglary, second degree (AFCF – after former felony conviction) and knowinly concealing stolen property, Digby has been charged with knowingly concealing stolen property. Simmons has been charged with two counts of burglary in the second degree and two counts of conspiracy to commit a felony in Garvin County.
According to Sheriff Rogers, Simmons was recently charged in other property crimes around the area and was actually out on bond when he allegedly assisted in the burglary of Triple L Roustabout.
Sheriff Rogers said his lawmen are going to start focusing on the residences where numerous narcotics users are frequenting. These are basically “base of operations” for criminal activity.
All subjects are innocent until proven guilty in the court system and involvement in the burglary could mean the concealment of the stolen property or other aspects of the crime. Also, Sheriff Rogers believes this incident can be directly linked to the use of narcotics.
Sheriff Rogers would like to thank Sulphur SRT Commander Pete Haines, Chief Ranger Aaron Shandor and Pauls Valley Chief of Police Mitch McGill for their assistance in this investigation.

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