Davis Police make dramatic arrests

Another left of center violation netted 2.5 ml of liquid methamphetamine, 3.1 grams of methamphetamine, a set of scales, 10 plastic bags, 2 small silver spoons and testosterone. Leaving a man from Strang, Okla., with felony charges of possession of a controlled dangerous substance with intent to distribute and misdemeanor charges of possession of a controlled dangerous substance (testosterone) and unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia.
A little after 1:20 a.m. on March 11, Davis Police Officer Richard Reeder was on patrol when he noticed a white Cadillac drive down the center line in the 100 and 200 blocks of West Main.
The driver, Paul Gonzalez, had his license ready for Officer Reeder when he approached the car. Gonzalez told Officer Reeder he’d been trying to get his license renewed and when he went to get his license renewed he was told there was something wrong with his fingerprints. He said he was waiting on an appointment to get that taken care of. After checking with Murray County Dispatch, Officer Reeder learned that Gonzalez’s license had been expired since October 2020.
Officer Reeder asked if he had been given any paperwork from the Oklahoma Highway Patrol regarding that appointment and he said no. Officer Lonn Hayes arrived on scene to assist at this point.
Gonzalez was asked to step out of his vehicle. Officer Reeder conducted a pat down for weapons and asked Gonzalez for consent to search his vehicle. Gonzalez said “you can have a dog come out, I have nothing to hide.” Officer Reeder asked a second time for permission to search Gonzalez’s vehicle and he said yes. Officer Reeder told him that if nothing illegal was found in his vehicle that he would issue him a citation for driving without a valid driver’s license and if he was waiting on an appointment with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, to bring that documentation to court and Officer Reeder said the charges might be dismissed.
After a search of Gonzalez’s vehicle, Officer Reeder located a syringe that contained a light brown substance (that later tested positive for methamphetamine.) Officer Reeder asked Gonzalez if he was diabetic and he said yes “I have blood sugar problems.” Gonzalez was placed in handcuffs and detained until the substance in the syringe was tested. When the test came back positive, Gonzalez was read his Miranda Rights.
Officer Hayes conducted another search of Gonzalez and found a small bag of a white crystal like substance in his sock (that later tested positive for methamphetamine.) When Officer Reeder asked him what it was, he said “speed.”
If you drove by the Arbuckle Mountain Motel on the afternoon of March 9, you might’ve thought you were looking at a scene from a television show. Cars from multiple agencies covering the parking lot and about a dozen law enforcement officers with guns drawn pointed at a room sent several into panic mode driving past the motel on the outskirts of Davis. It turned out to be okay in the end, but it took a coordinated effort to diffuse what could’ve been a tragic situation.
The owner of the Arbuckle Mountain Motel, Judy Johnson, called Murray County Dispatch around 3:05 p.m. and reported a man staying at the motel was threatening people with a gun. She told dispatch that the man, Eddy Johnson, told her that if she called the police he’d start shooting people.
Judy and Eddy had been married at one time, and according to the report, Davis Police officers had been called to the motel several times for Eddy when he was intoxicated and threatening others. The report stated they were divorced and living in separate rooms in the motel. Judy told offices that she did go to the Murray County Courthouse and file for an eviction for Eddy.
Judy said Eddy had a pistol and that his son was trying to get the pistol back. Dispatch told Judy that she had locked herself in her bathroom and that her mother, sister and grandchildren were all there. Dispatch asked Judy to stay put and that Eddy’s son not go to his room to try and get the gun.
Davis Police Officer Clifton Kirby was the first to arrive and he and Lieutenant Kevin English began clearing the motel’s guests.
What happens next in the report reads as a well written suspense novel as Murray County law enforcement gets to practice what they learned in SWAT class at academy.
First a defensive perimeter with Davis Police Department and the OHP (Oklahoma Highway Patrol.) Davis Police Chief Dan Cooper secured the back door to the motel. When rooms were cleared, Davis Police set up in a covered position outside of Eddy’s room.
Davis Police and OHP attempted to talk to Eddy over a loudspeaker outside of his room. By this time, the Murray County Sheriff’s Department and Chicaksaw National Recreation Area Park Rangers had arrived on scene.
Eddy’s son offered his assistance and was recruited by law enforcement to help.
At this time, several Davis officers were ready to enter the room and MCSO was on standby with a pepper ball gun if needed.
With law enforcement at the ready, Eddy opened his door and stepped into the hallway. Seemingly shocked after being told to raise his arms, Eddy came back with an expletive laced question as to why the police where there. Continuing with the expletives, Eddy complied and was passed off to a trooper after he was placed in handcuffs and exited the hotel.
Officers found the loaded High Point pistol laying on the floor of his room. The report indicated that the “chair was in a position in the room that the person had easy ability to watch both doors to the room.” The pistol had a loaded and in place magazine in it, but there was not a chambered round.
An open bottle of whiskey was found in the room, as well. Judy told officers that Eddy had surgery and was taking pain pills. She said that day, he was drinking and taking the pain pills together.
Eddy was charged with carrying a firearm while intoxicated and public intoxication, both misdemeanors.

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