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DPD chases escaped convict through town

A high speed chase through Davis made for a sleepless night for many and the manhunt that crossed the Red River into Texas ended in a Walmart parking lot on March 31 for an escaped convict out of McAlester.
Preston Whittington left the Jackie Brannon Correctional Facility in McAlester the evening of March 30. He was serving his second year of a 10 year sentence for kidnapping when he escaped.
When the Department of Corrections realized he wasn’t there, they started “pinging” his cell phone hoping to find a current location. That ping put him in Davis and an APB (All Points Bulletin) was issued for Whittington.
Davis officer Seth Kemper saw Whittington first and a high speed chase took place through Davis Main Street that ended on county roads. Whittington eventually fled on foot on River Bottom Road just south of Scruggs Road.
Multiple law enforcement agencies, including DOC, joined the search. Tracking dogs, drones and helicopters searched the area, which eventually included Ruppe Road until after midnight. Law enforcement had multiple reasons to believe Whittington might have swam the river and made it to the other side of the interstate. Law enforcement scaled down the search and some units remained on scene overnight.
The next morning, between 8 and 9 a.m., Whittington allegedly broke into a house close to his last known location around on Ruppe Road. He stole the homeowner’s keys to his vehicle and the man’s clothes and boots. Leaving his wet DOC clothing at the residence.
When the homeowner returned home for lunch he realized his vehicle was gone. Law enforcement used OnStar to locate the vehicle in a Walmart parking lot in Wichita Falls, Texas. Whittington has a sister in the area.
Earlier that morning, an Oklahoma City news station had said that Whittington was arrested in Whichita Falls that morning.
This led to a lot of confusion because he hadn’t been arrested there yet. He has a prior arrest in Wichita Falls, years earlier.
Wichita Falls Police arrested Whittington walking out of Walmart after he stole food and a change of clothes around 2 p.m.
The Davis Police Department, Murray County Sheriff’s Deapartment, DOC, Oklahoma Highway Patrol and Garvin County Sheriff’s Department assisted in this case.

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