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Allen, Dilday named to 4-H Hall of Fame at Honors Night

4-H Honors Night. Cassidy Allen was named the 2019-20 4-H Hall of Fame recipient at the Murray County 4-H Honors Night, held in April. Colt Dilday received the honor for 4-H year 2020-21.

Murray County 4-H recently hosted its Honors Night at the Murray County Expo Center. The event honors the accomplishments of the county’s 4-H Youth. Debbie Sharp prepared the meal, with help from 4-H leaders, and she hosted the event, with John Holman, of the Murray County OSU Extension office.
The most prestigious 4-H Award, the 4-H Hall of Fame went to Cassidy Allen, of Davis, for the 2019-20 4-H year. The 2020-21 award went to Colt Dilday, of Sulphur.
Sharp introduced County 4-H officers: County 4-H President, Colt Dilday; County Vice President, Kyla Saunders; County 4-H Secretary, Braeden Hefley; County 4-H Reporter, Josiah Bittner; County 4-H Game and Song Leader, Laynie Bradley; and County 4-H Ambassador, Dayne Bradley.
County Commissioner District 1 Kent McKinley presented the Public Speaking Awards.
Speeches: Junior Division Grand Champion, Matthew Mayo; Intermediate Division Grand Champion, Lo-Lynn Wolfe, and Senior Division Grand Champion, Kyla Saunders.
PowerPoint Presentations: Junior Division Grand Champion, Breindel Lee and Senior Division Grand Champion, Colt Dilday. Famous Characters: Junior Division Kole DeArman and Intermediate Division Grand Champion, Riley Johnson.
Eugene Christian presented awards for the Southeast District Public Speaking Contest
Matthew Mayo, first place; Breindel Lee, third place; Shane Preast, first place; Dannah Buhrmester, first place; Kole DeArmn, second place; Jo-Lynn Wolfe, second place; Aubree Lee, third place, Laynie Bradley and Dayton Day, first palce; Colt Dilday, third place; and Dayne Bradley, second place.
Brian McDaniel announced the participants at the State Horse Communication Contest in Stillwater. Aubree Lee, Problem Solving and Photo placed in the Top 10; Shane Preast, Problem Solving; Jo-Lynn Wolfe, Power Point Presentation and Problem Solving.
Holman announced the members who will participate in the “Best of the Best” Public Speaking Contest. Winners were Jo-Lynn Wolfe, Shane Preast, Aubree Lee Kole DeArman, Breindel Lee, Laynie Bradley and Dayton Day, Dannah Buhrmestr, Matthew Mayo and Dayne Bradley.
Kyla Saunders presented the Holiday Festival winners. Junior Arts and Crafts Grand Champion Overall – Jackson Wilkins; and Reserve Champion Overall, Dannah Buhrmester. Senior Arts and Crafts Grand Champion Overall, Ginny Shultz and Reserve Champion Overall, Joshia Bittner.
Colt Dilday presented the 4-H Table-Setting Contest awards. Junior Division Informal: Grand Champion, Jackson Wilkins; and Grand Champion, Andi-Kate Zevely. Reserve Champion, Noah Strasbaugh; and Reserve Champion, Dannah Buhrmester. Junior Division Formal, Grand Champion, Eli Elliott; and Reserve Champion, Breindel Lee. Intermediate Division Informal Grand Champion, Shara Bittner; and Reserve Champion, Allison Ward. Senior Division Informal Grand Champion, Josiah Bittner. Senior Division Formal Grand Champion, Kyla Saunders.
Braeden Hefley Presented Awards for Cup Cake Wars Contest. Junior Division Grand Champion, Breindel Lee; and Reserve Grand Champion, Dannah Buhrmester. Intermediate Grand Champion, Dayton Day; Reserve Grand Champion, Aubree Lee; Senior Grand Chanpion, Laynie Bradley; and Reserve Grand Champion, Josiah Bittner.
Sandra McKinley handed out the 4-H Record Books medal and certificates that were earned. Caitlynn Berst, First Year Book, Dairy Goat Certificate. Josiah Bittner, Seventh Year Book, Food Science Certificate and Mechanics Certificate. Shara Bittner, Fifth Year Book, Food Science Certificate and Arts & Crafts Medal. Patricia, First Year Book, Food Science Certificate. Dayton Day, Fifth Year Book, Public Speaking Certificate andAchievement Medal. Dayne Bradley Tenth Year Book and Dairy Certificate. Laynie Bradley Sixth Year Book, Achievement Medal and Public Speaking Certificate. Dannah Buhrmester, Third Year Book, Horse Certificate, Art & Craft Medal, Public Speaking Certificate and Sew & So Certificate. Kole DeArman, First Year Book, Horse Medal, Mechanic, Certificate, Music Medal and Public Speaking Certificate. Colt Dilday,Seventh Year Book, Mechanics Medal, Community Service Medal, Dutch Oven Medaland Public Speaking Medal. Braeden Hefley, Second Year Book and State Book Archery. Breindel Lee, Second Year Book, Horse Certificate, Community Service Certificate and Public Speaking Certificate. Aubree Lee, Fifth Year Book, Horse Certificate, Community Service Certificate and Public Speaking Certificate. Braylee Lewis, First Year Book and Sheep Medal. Shane Preast, Second Year Book, Arts & Crafts Medal and Public Speaking Certificate. Kaydance Riegel, Fourth Year Book and Sheep & Goat Certificate. Colt Riegel, Third Year Book and Sheep and Goat Certificate. Kyla Saunders, Ninth Year Book and State Book Food Science. Brady Simanton, First Year Book and Dairy Goat Medal. Jackson Wilkins, Third Year Book, Citizenship Medal, Archery Certificate, Food Science Certificate and Public Speaking Medal. Jo-Lynn Wolfe, Fifth Year Book and Horse Medal.
Sandra McKinley presented the Rainbow Award, a $100 Check to recognize outstanding work in food Science and the award went to Laynie Bradley.
Laynie Bradley presented the Secretary of the Year Award and it went to Colten Riegel Secretary of the Sheep and Goat Club.
Josiah Bittner presented the Reporter of the Year Award. It went to Kaydance Riegel Reporter of the Sheep and Goat Club.
Holman presented the Top 10 Awards Junior Division: Kole DeArman, Jackson Wilkins, Breindel Lee, Shane Preast, Matthew Mayo, Dayton Day, Dannay Buhrmester, Aubree Lee, Braylee Lewis and Shara Bittner. Top 10 Seniors were: Kyla Saunders, Braeden Hefley, Dayne Bradley, Josiah Bittner, Colt Dilday, Laynie Bradley, Brady Simanton, Ginny Shultz.
Sandra McKinley presented the Goffe Award, this award is the Outstanding 4-H Boy and Girl from both Junior and Senior Divisions. They received a $50 and a plaque. Junior Division winner was Aubree Lee and Jackson Wilkins and the Senior Division winners were Kyla Saunders and Colt Dilday.
Holman recognized the 4-H Volunteers who lead 14 project clubs from a total of 86 4-H members: 4-H Horse Club, Willard and Dona Johnson; 4-H Sew & So, Sharp and Sandra McKinley; 4-H Food Science, Pam Saunders and Stephanie Bittner; 4-H Arts & Crafts, Madison Schwake and Shelly Schwake; 4-H Archery, Tom Hefley and Eugene Christian; 4-H Sheep and Goat Club, Joy Lynch and Brenda Warren; 4-H Music Club, Darrell Carter and Holman; 4-H Dairy Goat Club, Karen Wilkens; 4-H Air Rifle Club, Gary Miller and Holman; 4-H Mechanics, Jeff Saunders; 4-H Survivor Club, Brian McDaniel and Gary Miller; 4-H Dog Club, Kaylan Allen and Teresa Allen; 4-H Dutch Oven, Tanna Dilday, Brian McDaniel and Jared Buhrmester; and 4-H Swine Club, Dakota Owens. The Leaders Council officers are President, Karen Wilkins; Vice President, Eugene Christian; and the Secretary, Pam Saunders.
Murray County 4-H Leader of the Year was Dona Johnson, of the 4-H Horse Club.
Sharp recognized the 4-H Seniors: Dayne Bradley, Colt Dilday, Jaden Smith and Cyrah Warren.
Sharp announced the trip to the National Western Conference in Denver Colorado as going to Braeden Hefley
Holman announced 4-H Reward Trip recipients: Aubree Lee, Shara Bittner, Laynie Bradley, Breindel Lee, Dannah Buhrmester, Jackson Wilkins, Kole DeArman, Matthew Mayo, Dayton Day, Shane Preast, Josiah Bittner, Braylee Lewis, Colt Dilday, Kyla Saunders and Braeden Hefley.

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