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Business Spotlight: iCare

The hometown staff at iCare help make patients comfortable when discussing their healthcare needs. Pictured (from left:) Teresa Gonzalez, Makayla Tobey, Nurse Practitioner Kasi Jones and Rachael Shearer and. The clinic is located at 404 West Main in Davis.

By Alisha Thompson
Davis has a new healthcare option, iCare. The Davis iCare location will celebrate it’s one year anniversary on June 20.
Nurse Practitioner/Practice Manager Cub Bercier said COVID-19 jump started everything for this location. Since then, they have jumped head first in the community joining civic groups, sponsoring little league teams and doing their best to grow with the community.
Bercier said it was important to hire local employees for Davis. Nurse Practitioner Kasi Jones came on board last fall and Nurse Practitioner Robyn Anderson will join the crew soon. Bercier said that Anderson is used to small town practice and family medicine. She will come a few days a week. Employees Rachael Shearer, Makayla Tobey and Teresa Gonzalez are all Murray County gals and add something special to the clinic. “We have a really good staff. Our nursing staff is from Davis or around Davis. They go to church here, take part in the community,” Bercier said. “They are the reason this clinic is something the community has embraced. When you go to the doctor, you want it to be someone you know.”
Adjusting to the community’s needs, the clinic has changed their hours to 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Bercier said that the clinic is already looking at expanding with new family practice specialty services like specialty care, cardiology and orthopedic services. “We are looking at bringing someone here to meet these days a few days a week so people don’t have to drive so far or even out of state to receive this care,” explained Bercier.
In the future, Bercier expects the Davis location to have X-ray and radiology capabilities. Patients needing these services are sent to the hospital now. “We hope to have these serves on site mid-summer,” he said.
COVID-19 vaccinations are available free of charge at iCare. “We offer Moderna vaccines,” explained Bercier. “It doesn’t take too long. There is nothing out of pocket.” Bercier did say vaccine requests are less and less now. The vaccine is available to anyone in the United States 18 years of age and older. “It’s never too late, we always have some available moving forward,” he said.
All records at iCare are cloud based. “We keep nothing in house,” Bercier said. “We have the ability to send any record to your physician after your visit.”
Services available at iCare include: treating strep, colds, flu, RSV and other viral illnesses; fever, ear throat and sinus infections; migraines; bronchitis, pneumonia and asthma attacks; urinary tract infections; sexually transmitted infections; sprains, strains and dislocations; allergies; urine drug screenings and many other services not listed.
The clinic can draw and send off labs and offers sports physicals for $20. They are happy to go to the school and complete the physical on site for the students. In turn, they donate the cost of the physical to the school athletic department.
Since the opening of the first iCare clinic in Harrah in 2018, Bercier said iCare is committed to serving the medical needs of rural Oklahoma. Bercier is excited about their future in Davis and invites you to visit the clinic for your healthcare needs. A ribbon cutting will be planned for the future and Bercier invites patients and Davis residents to attend the festivities when they take place.
Visit their website at Expect a website overhaul in the very near future that allows you to book your appointments online.
To book an appointment call (580) 247-9404. Please remember that number is answered after hours for emergencies. Patients are still asked to wear a mask inside the office. The clinic is located at 404 West Main. Visit the iCare Facebook page for daily updates.

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