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Local active COVID case numbers fall to lowest level in over 11 months

It’s nearly impossible to find someone in Murray County with COVID-19. According to the most recent Situation Update from the Oklahoma State Department of Health, just three of the county’s nearly 15,000 residents are currently positive with the virus.
The Davis News tracked the active case count in a five-county area surrounding Davis for over a year starting in March of 2020. The number of active cases in Murray, Johnston, Carter, Garvin and Pontotoc counties combined peaked near 2,000 in late January and then dropped rapidly in February to under 500 by early March. A slow, but steady slide has continued ever since. Now, Murray County has just three cases, with Sulphur reporting zero cases for the first time since its very first case was found, April 10, 2020.
Davis had its first verified case in late June, 2020 and has had more than its current number of three cases since early September. In the five-county area around Davis, the total active case count is all the way down to 64 cases, it’s lowest total since our June 24, 2020, update.
Not only that, there are only two cities in that entire area with more than four cases. Those two are Ada and Ardmore, with 25 and 20 cases, respectively.
In fact, of the 26 towns in the five-county area with confirmed cases since last March, 21 have either one case or zero cases in their town.
As vaccination efforts continue, it would take a significant new development to disrupt the downward trend in the numbers. As a result, local businesses and institutions continue to relax their restrictions and requirements on their employees.
In Davis, across south-central Oklahoma and around the state the long, slow thaw toward normalcy continues with encouraging signs all around.

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