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Murray State College welcomes new mascot

Murray State College introduced its newest addition during this month’s commencement ceremony, and it’s not a new building or an expanded degree program.  This addition is of the canine variety and her name is Aggie.
After Murray State College President Joy McDaniel expressed the belief that a mascot would bring fun and excitement to campus activities and sporting events, college staff began working to determine what type of mascot would best inspire and entertain current and potential students.  Following lively discussions about farm animals of all types, the college marketing committee voted to select a border collie as Murray’s new mascot.  Border collies are known for being a smart, hard-working breed who strive to please owners with their strong and steady skill sets.
“Aggie is the newest member of our Murray State College campus community, and we can’t wait to see her influence on students.  She is part of our family, and we’re looking forward to the day when she catches a Frisbee and shakes hands with students for the first time. She’s a team player – just like the rest of us,” said MSC President Joy McDaniel.
The name Aggie was selected after a week-long contest in which students, staff and members of Murray’s social media community were asked to vote for their favorite mascot name.  The top five names were Scout, Aggie, Blue, Tish, and Belle.
Aggie arrived at Murray by way of Lynn Daniel’s Border Collies in Atoka, Okla. Daniel is a long-time border collie breeder with customers throughout the United States and beyond.  A student at Murray State College from 1956-58, Daniel headed for Oklahoma State University before completing his degree in Tishomingo.
“Before I met my wife Shirley, I wasn’t much of a student.  I had a great experience at Murray and always thought of myself as a graduate, but knew I probably was not. I didn’t bother to ask if I’d graduated, just finished up my two years and headed to Stillwater,” said Daniel.
After hearing about Daniel’s life and college experiences, Murray State staffers went to work on a reverse transfer to try and award Daniel with his long-awaited degree.  Reverse transfer is an option for most students who begin at community colleges and go on to four-year institutions without completing their associate degrees.
During a visit to finalize Aggie’s paperwork, the diploma was presented to a surprised Lynn Daniel who thanked the president and her staff for changing his official status from former student to Murray State College graduate – a mere 63 years after his last class.

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