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Business Spotlight – Arbuckle Home Health

Christy McCaskill Babb

Julie Darras

Arbuckle Home Health is the only locally owned and locally clinician owned home health agency in a large area in south central Oklahoma and Christy McCaskill Babb is very proud of the company she and business partner Julie Darras, a physical therapist, started in 2013.
“We are just now hitting our stride,” Babb said. “We are blessed. We are getting bigger. As long as we can do that and stay personal, we will be doing our jobs.”
Babb’s dad’s side of the family is from Davis and he graduated from Davis High School in 1965. She said that her Memaw’s house was where Sonic is now and she remembers getting in trouble for getting too close the road. She even said something about getting the “switch.”
Babb graduated from Mustang High School but said Murray County was always her home base. Spending summers and holidays in Murray County between her dad’s family in Davis and mom’s family in Sulphur just furthered her desire to come back and raise her kids in the place she called home. And, she did. “We love it here and I do believe it’s God’s country,” Babb said with a smile.
Working for bigger companies Babb knew her heart was in small town America.
That love has translated into a company that hires local employees to take care of those needing home health services in Murray County. Babb said she’s worked for larger companies before and there were days she didn’t know where she was going or who she was going to see. Those conditions make for a nervous nurse and patient according to Babb. “Our nurses feel safe, they know where they are going. Someone in the office can always make a connection to who we are going to go see. I think that make everyone feel safe,” Babb explained. “This also makes patients feel safe that they know it’s someone from their community going into their home. It’s not important for us to be huge, it’s important for us to be local and we truly do want to take care of our own.”
Babb went on to explain that most local health care agencies, really aren’t ‘local.’ “When there is a home health agency in town that is not local most of them are run by accountants and lawyers,” Babb said. “This is a 50/50 partnership. I am a nurse, Julie is a physical therapist. Between the two of us we have over 50 years experience. We truly do understand what the girls go through.”
While you’ll find Babb in the office most days and Darras with her physical therapy patients, they are on call and ready to assist. No job is too big or small if a patient needs their help.
Yes, you’ll see Babb and Darras out visiting patients if the nurses need them. “If they are sick overwhelmed she and I jump out and see patients. If someone can’t get to them, one of the girls are sick, none of us are above getting out and working.”
Arbuckle Home Health marketing manager, Seandra Ramer, is quick to help, too. If she’ not at a senior citizens center volunteering, Babb said you’ll find her where ever she’s needed. “If it’s turning a patient, cleaning a patient, mopping and cleaning, she’s there,” said Babb. “Seandra has a true heart for people. I never knew the services that were available for people until she came on board with us.” Yes, Ramer shucked her heels one afternoon for rubber boots to help a patient who’s freezer went. Babb smiled when telling that story because it’s just another way Arbuckle Home Health goes the extra mile for their patients.
When doctors call Arbuckle Home Health they are talking to the nurses that are going into the homes to take care of their patients. Be it a doctor from out of town or a local doctor, they are proud to be working with their patient’s doctor one on one. That open line of communication is kept with health care providers to ensure the highest level of care for their patients. “We are so proud of all our health care facilities here,” Babb said.
Being locally owned means they don’t have to get permission from a board of directors to take part in a winter coat drive or finding medical equipment for someone in need. One special project was teaching a hygiene class for Sulphur students. During that process, they learned there were students in need of feminine hygiene products. This was an eye opener for them, because they realized that homes that didn’t have food, most likely didn’t have hygiene products.
Do you think your aging loved one needs home health? Babb said, call us. “Call the office. Call Seandra Ramer and we will help you with that decision.,” she said. “There are a lot of hard decisions with an aging parent. Maybe they need help with medication? Maybe its a taxing effort for them to get out? Maybe they need lab draws or injections? Maybe they had a fall and need phyiscal therapy? Our goal is to keep people in their homes. It’s where they are happiest.”
With a desire to help their 19 employees succeed, they do their best to make sure they they are given the tools they need in an environment they can help their patients do well in. “We want our employees to go home and enjoy their families,” Babb said. “We don’t want them taking home work. We love our employees and how much they love their patients.”
Simply put by Babb, home health is caring health professionals taking care of you in your health and well being in your home so you don’t have to get out and be exposed to anything that might be out there. If you need help, call and see what Arbuckle Home Health has to offer.
Arbuckle Home Health is a proud member of the Davis and Sulphur Chambers of Commerce. They are located at 1525 West Broadway and their phone number is (580) 622-5529 or (508) 622-5530. They have Facebook and Instagram pages.

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