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City of Davis joins effort to ‘Paint Oklahoma Beautiful’

A total of 43 community structures in Oklahoma have been chosen to participate in Paint Oklahoma Beautiful. This Keep Oklahoma Beautiful (KOB) program is designed to encourage volunteers to seek out community structures and renovate them with the creative use of resources. This year, City of Davis was chosen as one of the participating groups.
The Davis City Manager did not immediately respond to requests for comment on the details of this effort.
The City of Davis will be one of 43 groups competing for the “Best Visual Impact Award” through the ‘Communities Primed for Change’ online contest. Finalists will be chosen based upon their ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos. Winners will be announced at the Keep Oklahoma Beautiful 31st Annual Environmental Excellence Awards Celebration on Nov. 19, 2021.
Paint Oklahoma Beautiful is a program founded on the collaboration between H-I-S Paint and Keep Oklahoma Beautiful. KOB, with the help of sponsors, provides the paint and a stipend for supplies; selected communities supply the volunteers and elbow grease. This program has helped to revitalize communities across Oklahoma with a fresh coat of paint. H-I-S Paint and Keep Oklahoma Beautiful started the Paint Oklahoma Beautiful program in 2005.
“H-I-S Paint is thrilled with the transformations that are being made within each of the communities participating in the Paint Oklahoma Beautiful in Oklahoma initiative. It’s amazing how a fresh coat of paint can help to transform an entire community,” said Joe Cox, founder and CEO of H-I-S Paint.
Dillon Wehba, the Programs Coordinator for KOB, works with potential participants throughout the application process.
“It has been fulfilling to assist communities involved in this program.” Wehba said, “The participants of Paint Oklahoma Beautiful truly exemplify the Oklahoma spirit and pride for this beautiful state.”
When the Public Service Company of Oklahoma (PSO) began to support the program, KOB is able to offer participating groups a cash stipend to purchase supplies and make the program entirely cost-effective for participating groups.
“Public Service Company of Oklahoma is pleased to continue its support of Paint Oklahoma Beautiful, and of the individuals and organizations who work hard to make their communities great places to live and work,” said James A. Evers, with State Governmental & Environmental Affairs for PSO.
CL Boyd, an Oklahoma equipment company, and Waste Management, a waste treatment company, is providing a total of 7 pressure washers together to the recipients of their equipment grant.
The group will have 30 days to complete their projects using donated paint from H-I-S Paint of Oklahoma City and a stipend from Public Service Company of Oklahoma and the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality.
Keep Oklahoma Beautiful is a statewide nonprofit with a mission to empower Oklahoma citizens to preserve and enhance the state’s natural beauty and ensure a healthy, sustainable environment.
For more information about KOB, Paint Oklahoma Beautiful, and the sponsors of this program visit:

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