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Murray County Free Fair

Grand Champion. Connor Mohr (right) represented the Davis FFA when he showed the overall Grand Champion Heifer at the Murray County Free Fair on Sept. 1-4.

Murray County hosted its 97th free fair on Sept. 1-4 at the Murray County Expo. Winners of the various events are listed below.
Sr. Fine Art: first Shara Bittner, second Kyla Saunders, third Aubree Lee
Sr. Fine Art-watercolor: first Aubree Lee, second Maddie Brown, third Shara Bittner
Sr. Fine Art – oil/acrylic; first Aubree Lee, second Caitlyn Berst, third Lanie Bradley
Sr. Ceramics glazed; first Kyla Saunders, second Shara Bittner
Sr. Ceramics; first Lanie Bradley
Sr. Pottery: first Lanie Bradley
Sr. Print: first Lanie Bradley
Sr. Nature Craft; first Caitlin Berst
Sr. Bead Craft; first Shara Bitner
Sr. Leather Craft Kit: first Aubree Lee, second Shara Bittner
Sr. Wax Candle; first Shara Bittner, second Kyla Saunders
Sr. Paper Craft; first Lanie Bradley
Sr. Plastic Craft; first Josiah Bittner, second Caitlyn Berst
Sr. Miscellaneous; first Josiah Bittner, second Aubree Lee, third Shara Bittner
Fine Art; first Dayton Day, second Lenora Meeks, third Braylee Lewis
Fine Art Watercolor; first Baylee Lewis
Fine Art Oil/acrylic; first Dannah Buhrmester, second Breindel Lee, third Braylee Lewis
Jr. Ceramics; first Breindel Lee, second Dahhah Buhrmester, third Shane Preast
Jr. Ceramics Stained; first Dayton Day
Pottery, Original; first Breindel Lee
Jr. Print; first Dayton Day
Nature Craft; Braylee Lewis
Jr. Bead Craft; first Patricia Bittner, second Braylee Lewis, third Lenora Meeks
Jr. Leather Craft; first Kole DeArman, second Patricia Bittner, third Shane Preast
Jr. Leather Craft; first Braylee Lewis
Jr. Hand Crafted Candle; first Patricia Bittner, second Braylee Lewis, third Kole DeArman
Puppet: first Patricia Bittner
Jr. Paper Craft; first Dannah Buhrmester, second Braylee Lewis, third Dayton Day
Jr. Plastic Craft; first Cayson Meador, second Dayton Day
Jr. Miscellaneous; first Kiliana Johnson, second Caitlyn Berst, third Dayton Day
Photos People; first Dayton Day
Photos/mistakes; first Dayton Day
Photos telling story; first Dayton Day
Best Individual Photo; first Dayton Day, second Gus Bullard
Photos/People; first Lanie Bradley
Photos/action; first Lanie Bradley
Photos telling story; first Lanie Bradley
Best Individual Photo; first Lanie Bradley
first Horse Club, second Sheep Club, third Poultry & Rabbit Club
4-H Promotional Poster; first Braylee Lewis, second Colton Reigel
Poster Theme; first Breindel Lee, second Kiliana Johnson
Jr. Promotional: first Aubree Lee, second Kole DeArman, third Dayton Day
Intermediate Promotional; first Aubree Lee, second Kole DeArman, third Dayton Day
Poster Theme; first Dayton Day
Sr. Promotional; first Laynie Bradley
Theme; first Laynie Bradley
Intermediate Div.; first Dayton Day
Sr. Div; Lanie Bradley
Jalapeno Pepper; first Lenora Meeks
Large Tomatoes; first Breindel Lee
Tomatoes, cherry; first Braylee Lewis, second Lenora Meeks
Pears; first Braylee Lewis
Birdhouse; first, Braylee Lewis
Jr. Wood Craft; first Braylee Lewis
Sr. Wood Carving; first Josiah Bittner
Jr. Miscellaneous; first Kole DeArman, second Shane Priest, third Breindel Lee
Intermediate Misc.; Rack, first Jackson Wilkins
Miscellaneous; first Aubree Lee, second Dayton Day, third Dannah Buhrmester
Intermediate Scrapbook Pages; Kaydance Reigel
Muffins; first Braylee Lewis
Dropped Cookies; first Shane Preast, second Killiana Johnson, third Braylee Lewis
Sugar cookies; first Colton Riegel, second Kaydance Riegel, third Carsen Meador
Fashion Accessory; first Caitlyn Berst
Special Needs Accessory; first Shara Bittner
Home Accent; first Patricia Bittner
Home Accent; first Breindel Lee
Bags; first Aubree Lee, second Dannah Buhrmester
Home Accent Storage; first Matthew Mayo, second Dannah Buhrmester
Seasonal Décor Sewn; first Dannah BuhrmesterSeasonal Décor; first Caitlyn Berest
Seasonal Décor, Non-Fabric; first Shara Bittner, second Dayton Day, Laynie Bradley
Fabric Creation; first Matthew Mayo
Stuffed Animal; first Shara Bittner, second Dannah Buhrmester
Sr. Fabric Creation; first Laynie Bradley
Machine Pieced; first Shara Bittner
Brochure, card or invitation; first Braylee Lewis
GPS Display; first Matthew Mayo
Beets; first Jeanette Roberson
String Beans; first Paula Reese
Juicy Fruit; first Janis Warren
Jam; first June Mize
Jelly; first Jeana Horsman
Relish; first Jeanette Roberson, second Joretta Morris
Picante Sauce; first Paula Reese, second Jeanette Roberson, third Teo Hair
Bundt Cake; first Janis Warren; second Moriah Patterson, third Barbara Rinehart
Non-Cream Pie; first Janis Warren
Yeast Loaf; first Cheryl Brown
Cinnamon Rolls; first Sylvia Talbert
Decorated Cupcakes; Sylvia Talbert
Candy; first Rebekah Williams, second Sylvia Talbert
Street Dress; first Ann Wudi
Sportswear; first Susan Chou, second June Mize, third Mary Mueller
Boys Garment; first Christa Pankowsky
Apron; first Arlinda Elkins, second Jeanette Roberson
Recycled Garment; first Arlinda Elkins, second Jeanette Roberson
Refinished Old Furniture; first Marilyn Bearden, second Jeana Horsman, third Donna Perhus
Finished New Furniture; first Donna Perhus
Quilt – hand; first Ann Wudi
Quilt – Machine Quilted; first Vickie Grinstead, second Arlinda Elkins
Wall Hanging; first Paula Reese
Wall Hanging – quilted; first Linda Lancaster, second Gayle Hughes
Beaded Jewelry; first Yolanda Treptow
Christmas Ornament; first Tracie Sousa
Pilloe; first Marilyn Bearden
Pillow – Needlework; first Sandi Sanders
Table Runner; first Linda Shelby, second Arlinda Elkins, third Opal Pipkin
Scrapbooking; first Opal Pipkin
Greeting Cards; first Misty Treptow, second Opal Pipkin
Decorated Porch Chair; first Sylvia Talbert, second Donna Perhus, third Diane Freeman
OHCE Photo; first Susie Edgar
Door Wreath; first Donna Perhus, second Teo Hair, third Cheryl Rolin
Total Points; first Helping Hand, tie for second & third, Oaklawn and Progressive Joy fourth, Rainbow
Overall Appearance: Oaklawn
Jr. Clothing Accessories; first Holly McKinney, second Caitlynn Berst
Household, Jr. Division; Hot Pad first Shara Bittner
Decorated Garment; first Shara Bittner
Decorated Sweatshirt; first Shara Bittner
Painted T-Shirt; Shara Bittner
Household, Sr. Division (ages 19 and over)
Throw; first Audrey Flick, second Mary Mueller
Hand Quilted Pieced; first Fern Primrose
Machine Quilted; first Audrey Flick, second Vickie Grinstead
Afghan; first Dona Johnson
Baby Quilt; first Audrey Flick, second Sandra Mitchell, third Ann Wudi
Baby Afghan; first Dona Johnson
Table Runner; first Barbara Anderson
Other Tablecloth; first Barbra Anderson
Pillow Case Pair; first Barbara Anderson, second Katie Moothart
Accessory Pillow; first Dondra Drake
Dish Towel; first Barbara Anderson, second Fern Primrose
Crochet Items; first Gayle Hughes
Miscellaneous; first Ann Wudi, second Sherry Gregory
Knitted Dishrag; first Gayle Hughes
Other; first Brenda Warren, second Dona Johnson
Youth Division Crochet Items; Shara Bittner
CANNING (over 18 years of age)
Peaches; first Barbara Anderson
Shelled Beans; first Barbara Anderson
Okra; first Jeana Horsman
Peas; first Barbara Anderson
Tomatoes; first Jeanette Roberson
Jelly; first Jeana Horseman
Preserves, Jam or Marmalade; first June Mize, second Jeana Horseman
Cucumber Dill; first Jeana Horseman
Beet Pickle; first Barbara Anderson
Relish; first Janis Warren
Other Pickles; first Jeana Horsman, second Barbara Anderson
Picante Sauce; first Paula Reese
Jr. Division – ages 9 to 19
Action: first Tandee Mize
People; first Tandee Mize
Animal; first Tandee Mize second Mahkenzie Kennedy
Scenic; first Mahkenzie Kennedy, second Hayden Raymo
Still Life; first Tandee Mize
Senior Division – Over 18 Years of Age
Animal; first Jay Laxton
Scenic; first Jay Laxton
Ceramics; first Jen Kirk, second Cora Berst, third Zac Kirk
Stuffed Toy; first Cora Berst, second Caitlyn Berst
Wall Hanging’ first Cora Berst, second Shara Bittner, third Patricia Bittner
Other; first Catherine Berg, second Cora Berst
Metal Craft; first Jett Wilkins second Zane Wilkins
Christmas Craft first Mason Griffin, second Patricia Bittner, third Dannan Buhrmester
Wall Christmas Craft; first Mason Griffin
Christmas Craft paper; first Lydia Generaux second Patricia Bittner
Other Holiday Craft; first Cora Berst
Original Watercolor; first Zac Kirk, second Tenlee Todd, third Kerington Sloan
Acrylic; first Lola Thompson, first Lenora Meeks, second Cora Berst, third Danna Buhrmester
Original Painting; first Rymi Wendring; second Jude Reynolds, third Shelby Bartlett
Original Canvas; third Dannah Buhrmester
Original Drawing; first Jon Kirk, second Tenlee Todd, third Isabella Edgar
Fine Art first Cora Berst, second Jon Kirk, third Cambree Ransom
Small Woodcraft first Braxton Butts, second Keaton Seitz, third Levii Laxton
Beadwork first Shara Bittner, second Tenlee Todd
Other Beadwork; first Cora Berst
Doll – Fabric; first Cora Berst
Leather Crafts; first Lola Freeman, second Lane Kennan, third Marbree Jones
Recycled Crafts plastic; third Tenlee Todd
Recycled paper; second Cambree Ranson, third Lola Thompson
Other Recycled; first Riley West, second Shara Bittner, third Lenora Meeks
Folk Art; first Zac Kirk, second Cora Berst, third Luke Boles
Stenciling; Bailen Smith, second Jaxon Edgar, third Andrew Reynolds
Original Peper Craft; first Drew Lance, Gabby Crawford, third Justyce Underwood
Original Paper Constructed; first Isabella Edgar, second Tenlee Todd
Miscellaneous; first Lydia Generaux, second Caleb Kyles, third Keaton Seitz
Miscellaneous Paper; first Cambree Ransom, Landon Chaffn, Andrew Reynolds
Ceramics; first Jay Laxton
Stuffed Toy; first Barbara Anderson, second Audrey Flick
Quilted Wall Hanging; first Audrey Flick, second Mary Meuller
Other Wall Hanging; first Teo Hair; second Katie Moothart
Fabric Mug Rug; first Sylvia Talbert
Pin Cushion; first Sylvia Talbert
Needle Book; first Sylvia Talbert
Other; first Audrey Flick, second Beverly Rogers
Metal Craft; first Cheryl Brown
Christmas Craft Needlework; first Barbara Anderson
Christmas Ornament; first Gayle Hughes
Christmas Craft/door or wall; first Gayle Hughes
Christmas Craft Other; first Tammy Buckaloo
Yard Art; first Micheal Ronallo, second Tammy Buckaloo, third Cheryl Brown
Wall Plaques; first Tammy Buckaloo
Original Painting Acrylic; first Beverly Rogers, second Janie Hardoin, third Katie Moothart
Original Painting; first Beverly Rogers, second Katie Moothart
Fabric Painting; first Beverly Rogers
Tole Painting; first Katie Moothart, second Beverly Rogers
Original Drawing; first Beverly Rogers
Fine Art; first Jennifer Poulin
Wreaths; first Brenda Warren
Woodcraft, small; first Tammy Buckaloo
Woodcraft, Large; first Michael Ranallo, first David Spain
Beadwork; first Sherrie Gregory
Beadwork Other; first Tammy Buckaloo
Fabric Doll; first Audrey Flick
Recycled Craft; other; first Teo Hair, second Beverly Rogers, third Sherry Gregory
Folk Art; first Katy Moothart, second Beverly rogers
Miscellaneous; first Beverly Rogers, second Katie Moothart
Miscellaneous other; first Sylvia Talbot. second Brenda Warren
Fine Art Beverly Rogers
Arts & Crafts Michael Ranallo and David Spain
Senior Division (over 18 years of age)
Okra; first Gayle Hughes
Eggplant; first Susie Edgar
Hot Pepper; first Chris Chou
Sweet Pepper; first Susie Edgar
Goji Pepper; first Chris Chou
Banana Pepper; first Susie Edgar, second Gayle Hughes
Tomatoes; first Susie Edgar
Cherry Tomatoes; first Chris Chou
Tomatoes, other; first Chris Chou, second Susie Edgar
Pears; first Chris Chou, second Joy Lynch
Dates; first Chris Chou
BEST OF SHOW – Eggplant – Susie Edgar
Junior Division (9-19 Years of Age)
Okra; first Hunter Graves
Jalapeno Pepper; first Keaton Seitz
Pepper, other: first Keaton Seitz
Sweet Pepper; first Coy Lee
Sweet Pepper; first Keaton Seitz
Cherry Tomatoes; first Keaton Seitz
Tomatoes, other; first Coy Lee
Squash: first Hunter Graves
Watermelon; first Hunter Graves
Pecans; first Braylee Lewis
Fancy Cupcakes; first Aubree Lee
Candy; first Braylee Lewis
Peanut Butter Cookies; first Braylee Lewis, second Joy Lynch
Chocolate Chip Cookies; first Shane Preast, second Kiliana Johnson
Brownies; first Braylee Lewis
Cookies, other type; first Braylee Lewis
Decorated Cookies; first Colton Riegel second Kaydance Riegel
Apron; first Barbara Anderson
Purse; first Beverly Rogers
Other Accessories; first Katie Moothart
Recycled Garment; first Sherrie Gregory
Small Flower; first Susie Edgar
Medium Flower; first Susie Edgar
Large Flower; first Susie Edgar
Succulents; first Teo Hair
Fairy Garden/Dish Garden; first Sylvia Talbert
Other; first Susie Edgar
Small Flower; first Braylee Lewis
Medium Flower; first Braylee Lewis
Jr. Archery; first Jackson Wilkins, second Gus Ballard
Intermediate Archery; first Garren Green
first Place Senior; Zack Driggers, second place Trevor Parker, third Jessie Cooper
Junior Division; first Gus Bullard
Intermediate Division; first Garren Green, second Nick McGill, third, Mason Griffin
Senior Division; first Zack Driggers, second Logan Boley, third Garret Hughes
Muffins; first Brystol Hunt, second Jaxon Edgar
Chocolate Chip Cookies; first Jaxon Edgar, second Shia Bullard
Peanut Butter Cookies; first Brystol Hunt
Oatmeal Cookies; first Brstol Hunt, second Jaxon Edgar
Other Cookies; first Brystol Hunt
Cake; first Brystol Hunt
Candy; first Brystol Hunt
Original Painting; first Channing Todd, second Brystol Hunt, third Rhett Clark
Ceramics; first Channing Todd, second Zane Wilkins, third Brystol Hunt
Wood Item; first Zane Wilkins, second Brystol Hunt
Wooded Decorated Item; first Channing Todd, second Brystol Hunt
Leathercraft; first Brystol Hunt
Bead Work; first Channing Todd, second Brystol Hunt
Original Paper; first Elli Leverage, second Henry Tinley, third Brystol Hunt
String Art; first Channing Todd
Craft from Kit: first Channing Todd, second Brystol Hunt
Model; first Blaise Edgar
Door Magner; first Brystol Hunt, second Blaise Edgar
Photography; first Olivia Gilliland
Christmas Craft; first Jaxon Edgar
Recycled Craft; first Huntley Hobbs, Kennadi Edgar, Waylon Walther
Miscellaneous; first Jase Ranson, second Huntley Hobbs, Kennadi Edgar
Okra; first Caston Cole
Cherry Tomatoes; first Brystol Hunt
Pears; first Jaxon Edgar, second Brystol Hunt
Eggs; first Brystol Hunt
Muffins; first Slade Wilkinson, second Sadie John
Chocolate Chip Cookies; first Slade Wilkinson, second Sadie John
Chocolate Cake; first Slade Wilkinson
Other Cake; first Slade Wilkinson
Fudge; first Slade Wilkinson
Nut Candy; 1sst Slade Wilkinson
Other Candy; first Slade Wilkinson
Original Painting; first Joshua Johnson, second Sadie John, third Slade Wilkinson
Ceramics; first Trae Todd
Wood Item; first Sadie John
Wooden Decorated; first Laura Goodrich, second Sadie John, Trae Todd
Leathercraft; first Slade Wilkinson
Beadcraft; first Sadie John, second Trae Todd, third Slade Wilkinson
Original Paper; first Joshua Johnson, second Slade Wilkinson
String or Yard; first Sadie John
Craft from Kit; first Slade Wilkinson
Plaster; first Slade Wilkinson
Paint on Fabric; first Slade Wilkinson
Door Magnet; first Slade Wilkinson
Stenciling; first Sadie John
Decorated T-Shirt; first Sadie John
Photography; first Sadie John, 2n Slade Wilkinson
Recycled Craft; first Sadie John
Miscellaneous; first Trae Todd
Pears; 1sst Slade Wilkinson
Eggs; first Hunter Graves
Muffins; first Amreigh Findley, second Jett Wilkins
Chocolate Chip Cookies; first Jett Wilkins, second Amreigh Findley
Oatmeal Cookies; first, Jett Wilkins
Chocolate Cake; first Amreigh Findley
Other Cake; first Amreigh Findley
Fudge; Amreigh Findley
Nut Candy; first Amreigh Findley
Other Candy; first Amreigh Findley
Original Painting; first Lillian Edgar, second Amreigh Findley
Ceramics; first Jett Wilkins
Leathercraft; first Amreigh Findley
Beadwork; first Amreigh Findley
Original Paper; first Lillian Edgar, second Amreigh Findley
Craft from Kit; first Amreigh Findley
Plaster; first Amreigh Findley
Paint on Fabric; first Amreigh Findley
Door Magnet; first Amreigh Findley
Photography; first Amreigh Findley
Christmas Craft; first Jett Wilkins
Miscellaneous; Amreigh Findley
Pears; first Jett Wilkins, second Amreigh Findley
Yellow Dent Corn; first Nic McGill
Blue Stem Grass; first Lilly Keenan, second Aubree Doss
Grand Champion Tame Forage; Lilly Keenan
Fine Stemmed Bundle: first Aubrey Doss, second Jaysen Welth
Coarse Stemmed; first Jaysen Welth
Grand Champion Legume Forage; Aubrey Doss
Short Fined Tam Grass Bundle; first Aubrey Doss, second Kimbra Buntin; third Preston Ross, fourth Angel Milsap, fifth Jackson Cooper
Tall Fine-Stemmed Tam Grass Bundle – Plains; first Aubree Doss, second Lilly Keenan, third Jaysen Welty
Plains & Dallas Weeping Love Bundle; first Aaron Rankin, second Logan Keenan, third BeAudee Nystrom, fourth Rylee Norman, fifth Morgan Bugbee
Sudan: first Aubrey Doss, second Jaobi Lanoy, third Lilly Keenanm fourth Kevi Woodruff
Coarse Stemmed Tam Bundle; first Jakobi Lanoy, second Brandon Butts, third Jake Yinaling, fourth Rylee Norman, fifth Aubrey Doss
Grand Champion Tam Exhibit; Aubrey Doss, Reserve Champion Jakobi Lanoy
Little Bluestem; first Jayson welty, second Aubrey Doss
Sand Lovegrass; first Aubreey Doss, second Lilly Keenan
Sideoats; first Aubree Doss, second Jayse Welty
Blue Grama/Hairy Grama; first Aubrey Doss, second Jayson Welty, third Jakobi Lanoy
Grand Champion Native Grass; Jaysen Welty
Big Bluestem; first Aubrey Doss, second Jaysen Welty
Indiangrass; first Piper Blankenship, second Aubrey Doss, third Lauren Fagundes
Other Native: Jaysen Welty, Shooter Beal, Morgan Bugbee
Switchgrass; first Aubrey Doss, Jakobi Lanoy, Jaysen Welty
Other; first Aubree Doss, Houstin Dixon-Phillips, third Lilly Keenan, fourth NaSiya Kristionn
Grand Champion Tall Native Grass: Indian Grass: Piper Blankenship
Grand Champion Big Blue Grasses; Aubrey Doss
Grand Champion Little Blue; Jaysen Welty
Reserve Champion Big Blue; Aubrey Doss
Tame Pasture; first Lilly Keenan, second Aubrey Doss, third Jakobi Lanoy
Native Range; first Jaysen Welty, second Jakobi Lanoy
Grand Champion Pasture Display; Jason Welty
Reserve Champion Pasture Display; Lilly Keenan
Livestock Production
(grade 9-10) first Larry Lawson
(grade 11-12) first Logan Boley, second Braxton Butts
Trailers (grade 11-12) first Braxton Butts
Outdoor Exhibits
(grade 9-10) first Grayson Huckabee, second Logan Keenan
(grade 11-12) first Connor Mohr, second Braxton Butts
Decorative Projects
(grades 9-10) first Larry Lawson, second Lawton Hammer, third Ty Hillis, fourth Trevor Parker, fifth Billy Anderson
(grades 11-12) first Marshall Putman, second Jesse Cooper, third Conner Mohr, fourth Kevin Bolding, fifth Steven Tackett
Best of Show; Connor Mohr
Farmstead Tools, (grades 9-10) first Logan Keenan
Photos that tell a story, Senior Class: first Kadence McCaskill, second Karah McCaskill, third Elizabeth Adams, fourth Madison Adams, fifth Hadie Doodle
Photos that tell a story, Junior Class; first Lawton Hammer, second Fayth Travis, third Katie McNeil
Grand Champion, Kadence McCaskill
Reserve Champion, Lawton Hammer
Native Pecans; first Lauren Fegundes, second Morgan Bugbee, third Aubree Doss, fourth Jakobi Lanoy, fifth Lilly Keenan
Improved Pecans; first Lilly Keenan, second Aubrey Doss, third Jaysen Welty
Pears; first Braxton Butts
Okra; first Aubrey Doss, second Morgan Bugbee, third Jakobi Lanoy
Yellow Onions; first Aubree Doss, second Robin Rankin
White Onion; first Aubrey Doss
Jalapeno Pepper; first Morgan Bugbee
Sweet Pepper; first Aubrey Doss
Tomatoes Large; first Morgan Bugbee
Tomatoes, other; first Trae Roady, second Aubrey Doss
Pumpkin: first Tylan Ford
Pumpkin Small; first Marlee Guffey
Squash; first Tylan Ford
Watermelon; first Katie McNiel
Watermelon, small; first Morgan Bugbee
Any Melon; first Frankee Barber
Best of Show: Morgan Bugbee
Home Garden Food Basket; first Mason Griffin, second Morgan Bugbee, third Aubrey Doss
FFA – first Jax Jackson
Adult Division – first Gene Allen
Joshua Johnson, son of Joshua Johnson with his goat named Cookies n’ Cream
Jenna Beth Walther, daughter of Ashton Walther with a goat named Nibbles
Waylon Walther, son of Ashton Walther with his goat named Jack
Wyatt Bell, daughter of Haden and Kylee Bell with her dog Edee
Damian Saunders, son of Leilani Saunders with a mini-horse named Feather
Slade Wilkinson, son of Chance & Jessica Wilkinson showing his chicken Cindy
Amreigh Findley, son of Dillon Allen and Allie Findley with her chicken Meow
Beth Anne Gilliland daughter of Rhea Gilliland showing a Guinea Pig named Juniper
Olivia Gilliland, daughter of Rhea Gilliland with her Parakeet Delilah
Sadie John, daughter of Chase and Kristen John with her goat Milk Dud
Sawyer Gulla, son of Jake and Tiara Gulla showing Alpine Dairy Goat named Milky Way and assisting Milky Way was Decker Payne, Dustin and Larane Payne
Zane Wilkins, son of Josh and Cara Wilkins with his chicken Marie
Berkshire; first Dally Burch
Chester White; first Dally Burch
Duroc; first Dally Burch
Yorkshire; first Jesse Cooper
Cross; first Jesse Cooper
Overall Grand and Overall Reserve Grand Breeding Gilts: Dally Burch
Yorkshire; first Jesse Cooper
All Other Breeds; first Jesse Cooper
Overall Grand and Overall Reserve Grand Market Barrow; Jesse Cooper
Division 1 – Class 1
first Shia Bullard, second Lilly Keenan, third, Jaxon Wright, fourth Jimmy Baker
Class 2
first Jameson Wright, second Jesse Cooper, third Shane Preast
Breed Champion; Jameson Wright, Reserve Breed Champion Shia Bullard
Division 2 – Class 1
first Gus Bullard, second Jaxon Wright, third Jesse Cooper, fourth Jimmy Baker
Breed Champion, Guy Bullard, Reserve Breed Champion Jaxon Wright
Division 3 – Class 1
first Jaysen Welty, second Jameson Wright, third Juliana Johnson
Class 2: first Jesse Cooper
Breed Champion Jaysen Welty, Reserve Breed Champion Jameson Wright
Grand Champion Overall Gus Bullard, Reserve Champion Overall Jameson Wright
Nubian 1-2 year; first Brady Simamtom
Nubian 3 years plus; first Brady Simamton
Saanen; first Caitlynn Berst
Overall Grand Champion Caitlyn Burst, Reserve Grand Overall Brady Simamton
Intermediate Showmanship (grades 7-9) Brady Simomton
Class 1; Shia Bullard
Division 2: Class 1
Division 1 Breed Champion Shia Bullard
Division 2; Class 1
first Gus Bullard, second Jaysen Welty, third, Levi Walther
Division 2 Breed Champion Gus Bullard, Reserve Breed Jaysen Welty
Division 3; Class 1
first Danna Burhmester, second Lilly Keenan, third Waylon Walther
Division 3 Breed Champion Dannah Buhrmester, Reserve Breed Lilly Keenan
Overall Grand Champion Market Goat Gus Bullard, Overall Reserve Grand Shia Bullard
Market Goat Showmanship
PeeWee (grades 3 and under); Shia Bullard
Jr. Showman (grades4-6) Jamison Wright
Intermediate (grades 7-9) Jaxon Wright
Sr. Showmanship (grades 10-12) Jaysen Welty
Maintainer Breed; first Elisabeth Adams
Shorthorn Plus; first Connor Morh
All Other Breeds; first Kaiden Rawls
Overall Grand Champion Connor Mohr, Reserve Overall Elisabeth Adams
Jr. Showmanship (grades 4-6) Kaden Rawls
Sr. Showmanship (grades 10-12) Conner Mohr
Hampshire, heavy weight; first Kirsten Walck, second Reid Hillis
Light weight; first Caysen Meador
Natural; first Ty Hillis
Shropshire; first Casen Meador
Cross; first Kirsten Walck
Grand Champion Ewe Lamb; Kirsten Walck; Reserve Grand Champion Kirsten Walck
Jr. Showmanship (grades 4-6) Casen Meador
Intermediate (grades 7-9) Reid Hillis
Sr. Showmanship (grades 10-12) Kirsten Walck
Market Lambs
Hampshire; first Kirsten Walck
Cross; first Kirsten Walck
Grand and Reserve Champion Overall; Kirsten Walck
Netherland; first Bryson Johnson, Breed Champion
Netherland Buck; first Barret Johnson, Breed Champion
Mini Rex; first Talynn Ford, Breed Champion
New Zealand Doe; first Jalie Sharp, second Jalie Sharp, Breed Champion
Cross Doe; first Abbigail McKee, second Abbigail McKee, Breed Champion
Cross Buck: first Dannah Buhrmester, first Nate McKee, Breed Champion second Maddie Gilliland, Reserve Breed Champion
Overall Grand Champion Rabbit; Talynn Ford
Overall Reserve Champion Rabbit: Abigail McKee
Bantam; Clean Legged; first Tanner Hilliard, second Tanner Hilliard
Bantam; Legged; first Brittany Graves, second Tanner Hilliard
Large Poultry; first Brittany Graves
Waterfoul; first Tanner Hilliard, first Brittany Graves, second Chett Taylor, third Brittany Graves
Silkies; first Brittany Graves, second Brittany Graves, 3d Tanner Hilliard
Youth Divisions:
Showmanship Halter (9 and under) first Shelby Bartlett, second Brysen McClellan, third Liliana Johnson, fourth Sierra Bartlett
Showmanship Halter (10-13 years) first Breindel Lee, second Shane Preast
Showmanship Halter (14-18) first Aubree Lee
Lead Line; (toddlers all placing blue) Slade Wilkinson, Amereigh Findley, Coy Lee, Joshua Blain Johnson, Haden Johnson
Western Horsemanship (9 yrs and under) first Kiliana Johnson, second Brysen McClellan, third Shelby Bartlett, fourth Sierra Bartlett
Western Horsemanship (10-13 years) first Breindel Lee, second Shane Preast
Western Horsemanship (14-18 years) first Aubree Lee
Western Pleasure Walk/Trot; first Coy Lee, second Juliana Johnson
Western Pleasure (9 and under) first Shelby Bartlett, second Brysen McClellan, third Sierra Bartlett, fourth Kiliana Johnson Johnson
Western Pleasure (10-13 ages) first Breindel Lee, second Shane Preast
Western Pleasure (14-18 years) first Aubree Lee
Trail Class (9 and under) first Kiliana Johnson, second Brysen McClellan, third Shelby Bartlett, fourth Sierra Bartlett
Trail Class (10-13 ages) first Breindel Lee, second Shane Preast
Trail Class (14-18 years) first Aubree lee
Western Riding (18 & under) first Breindel Lee (10-13 ages), first Aubree Lee (14 & older),first Sierra Bartlett (9& under)
Barrell Racing (9 & Under) first Kiliana Johnson, second Sierra Bartlett, third Shelby Bartlett, fourth Brysen McClellan, fifth Coy Lee
Barrell Racing (10-13 years) first Breindel Lee
Barrell Racing (14-18 years) first Aubree Lee
Pole Bending (9 & Under) first Kiliana Johnson, second Bryson McClellan, third Coy Lee, fourth Sierra Bartlett, fifth Shelby Bartlett
Pole Bending (10-13 years) first Breindel Lee
Pole Bending (14-18 years) first Aubree Lee
Stakes (9 & under) first Kiliana Johnson, second Brysen McClellan, third Sierra Bartlett, fourth Shelby Bartlett, fifth Juliana Johnson, sixth Coy Lee
Stakes (10-13) first Breindel LeeStakes (14-18 years) first Aubree Lee
MARE: (2 year old) first Hazel Southerland
Mare (4 year old & up) first Cassidy Allen, second Aubree Lee, third Breindel Lee, fourth Kaylan Allen, fifth Hazel Southerland, sixth Brittany Gravel, seventh Thom Peugh
eighth Shane Preast
MARE (pony) first Kiliana Johnson, second Juliana Johnson, third Shelby Bartlett, fourth Brysen McClellan
GELDING (4 yr and older) first Kaylan Allen, Brittany Graves, Hazel Southerland, fourth Sierra Bartlett, fifth Vivian George
Western Pleasure; first Cassidy Allen, second Kaylan Allen, third Brittany Graves, fourth Thom Peugh, fifth Hazel Southerland
Grand Champion Mare, Cassidy Allen & Suzzana Pep
Reserve Champion Mare, Aubree Lee & Joe’s Chigley Queen
Grand Champion Geldiing, Kaylan Allen & Slm Jim
Reserve Champion Gelding, Brittany Graves and Denali
High Poing (9 & under) Kiliana Johnson
High Point (10-13 ages) Breindel Lee
High Point (ages 14-18) Aubree Lee
Grand Mare Pony Kiliana Johnson & Shining Stars
Reserve Champion Mare Pony, Juliana Johnson & Paddy
Breed Champion Frizzle; Ty Buckaloo Reserve Breed; Caysen Meador
Breed Champion Clean Leg Bantam; Tanner Hilliard Reserve Breed; Tanner Hilliard
Breed Champion Feather Leg Bantham; Jett Wilkins, Reserve Champion, Zane Wilkins
Breed Champion Silkie; Talynn Ford, Reserve Champion, Shelby Bartet
Breed Polish; Maylee Guffey, Reserve Polish, Larry Lawson
Breed Ayam Cemani; Zane wilkins, Reserve Breed Tanner Hilliard
Breed Standard Old English; Zane Wilkins
Grand Champion Overall Poultry Exhibit – Jett Wilkins
Reserve Champion Overall Poultry Exhibit – Tylon Ford
First place team Bulldogs; Shannon Underwood & Brian Mayfield
second Place team Team Stewart; Megan Romincs and Cris Stewart
third In the Bag; Jackson and Reese Edgar

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