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Davis Public Schools gets $1 million grant for new mental health positions

Davis Public Schools was one of three schools awarded a $1 million grant to cover five years worth of mental health services for students and staff at Davis Public Schools.
“Last week we were notified that our school has been awarded over a $1 million grant called Project AWARE. The purpose of the AWARE grant is to build or expand the capacity of State Educational Agencies in partnership with State Mental Health Agencies and Local Education Agencies to 1.) increase awareness of mental health issues among students 2.) provide training to school personnel and other adults who interact with students to detect and respond to mental health issues; and 3.) connect students, who may have behavioral health issues, serious emotional disturbance or serious mental illness, and their families to needed services,” explained Davis Public Schools Superintendent Mark Moring.
“It is a five year grant that will increase mental health services and support to students in Davis, Sulphur and Lawton public schools. Project AWARE will add an additional licensed mental health professional in each district as well as a community manager. These individuals with the Project AWARE team are working to ensure students’ mental health needs are met within district buildings as well as increase partnerships and mental health awareness in the community.”
Below is information about the grant that Davis Public Schools was awarded and two new positions it will fund.  For more information visit:  The site has not been updated to reflect the grant for Davis Public Schools as of press time.
Project Aware Community Manager
Job Title: AWARE Community Manager. Education: Bachelor’s Degree. Supervisor:  Superintendent/ District Administration. Travel Time: no more than 10% of daily activity. Salary: $55,000 plus benefits/ Hours: Full Time: 8 hour day
Aware Community Manager Job Duties: AWARE Community Manager Job Duties. Works collaboratively within the district alongside students, teachers, parents, counselors, and administrators on awareness campaigns focused on mental health. Provide coordination for comprehensive student mental health prevention and intervention. Demonstrate and maintain professional boundaries working with students and families. Coordinate training for staff, parents, and students on topics related to mental health including securing facilities needed to conduct these trainings. Tasked with dissemination of grant objectives and goals of AWARE.  Ensuring all staff have a basic understanding of AWARE. Coordinate and facilitate mental health awareness social media campaigns. Complete community resource website and keep updated. Organize and Coordinate the Mental Health Intervention Team. Organize quarterly budget correspondence to OSDE Program Manager and or Coordinator to adhere to grant financial objectives. Formulate request to OSDE on all desired spending regarding AWARE. Partner/assist the external evaluator with any needed data. Develop and submit a yearly report overview to OSDE Program Manager in October of each year of a finished grant cycle. Secure, Plan and Oversee all parent nights and other planned AWARE campaigns. Participate in required meetings with OSDE and other AWARE stakeholders. Develop and oversee the Advisory Committee within the District. Network, Market, and engage the community on mental health awareness. Participate in all required AWARE training. Be present in district leadership meetings as a voice for AWARE. Continually look to revise, develop, or amend policies to reflect Mental Health and Wellness.
AWARE Counselor (Licensed Mental Health Provider)
Licensed Professional Counselor/Licensed Social Worker/Licensed Marital and Family Therapist. Job Title: AWARE Licensed Counselor. Credentials: Licensure as a Professional Counselor, Social Worker, Marriage and Family Therapist (or ability to obtain licensure within 24 months of hire). Education: Masters Degree. Supervisor:  Superintendent/ District Administration. Travel Time: no more than 10% of daily activity. Salary: $62,500 plus benefits. Hours: Full Time: 8 hour days
Special Skills and Knowledge: Communication skills (oral, written, or business): Basic communication skills to exchange information give/receive simple to more complex instructions and respond to inquiries. Includes filling out forms. Knowledge of grammatical structure, vocabulary for preparing correspondences from rough draft or proofing to completed material. Communicates in clear, grammatically correct, English. In addition to above, coposes correspondences: trains and directs others and provides complex instructions: conducts interviews. In addition, must use creativity: may make public speeches or presentations. Reading and Interpreting: Reads and interprets complex and sensitive/confidential records/IEPs and other medical records. Technology: Experience in the use of technology in order to maintain and track documentation of mental health support for students. Must also be able to communicate with others inside and outside of the district.
Mental Health Skills: Strong facilitation, coaching, conflict resolution and problem solving skills. Demonstrated understanding and appreciation of diversity. Knowledge of and experience with medication and conflict resolution. Ability to promote and follow Board of Education policies and other district department procedures. A high level of organizational skills and initiative. Strong communication skills. Experience and training in mental health support. Ability to build relationships with students. Extensive knowledge of therapeutic modalities and strategies to address mental health presentations. Site: Various Purpose of Position: The Licensed Professional Counselor position will work closely with the building administrative team as well as the building school counseling team to coordinate, facilitate, and implement mental health support services for students and staff members. The Licensed Professional Counselor will work with a district-level administrative team and Director of Student Services to coordinate support services across the district.  The Licensed Professional Counselor will provide emotional support and foster a safe and successful learning environment for students and staff within the school district.
Interested applicants can go to to view the job descriptions. Applicants can send a letter of interest, resume, transcripts and letters of recommendation to Superintendent Mark Moring at

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