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High speed chase leads to wreck in Davis

A high speed chase from Sulphur ended in a wreck on Davis Main Street on Sept. 4.
Staff Sergeant Shawn Apple and Officer Jake Smith were monitoring radio traffic regarding a pursuit Sulphur was involved in around 11:20 p.m. The suspect, Harley Mills, left Sulphur and headed into Davis passing both officers entering Davis, where Officer Smith clocked the driver at 138 mph in a 55 mph zone.
Sgt. Apple said that he noted Mills passed three drivers at a high rate of speed after he activated his emergency lights. “The suspect vehicle went through the traffic light on East Main and Third Street still at a very high rate of speed in a posted speed limit of 30 mph. The suspect vehicle crossed the railroad tracks, between First Street and A Street I was still at approximately Fourth Street. Once I crossed the tracks, I immediately saw that there had a been a major traffic collision with a four dour Jeep straddling the double yellow center line facing west bound in the 200 block of West Main,” Sgt. Apple explained.
Sgt. Apple said that a lot of vehicle parts and debris were scattered a long the roadway from the 100 block of West Main to the 300 block of West Main. Once Sgt. Apple reached Hwy. 77, he saw Mills’s vehicle was stopped in front of the greenhouse of Arbuckle Outdoors and Sulphur Police, who had joined the pursuit in Davis, said Mills fled on foot.
The accident scene included Tabor Eye Clinic, Davis Automotive, the buildings located in the lot adjacent to Davis Automotive and Arbuckle Outdoors.
An eagle-eyed Davis Detective caught a man driving a U-Haul faster than normal and it netted a significant endeavoring to cultivate marijuana arrest for Davis.
Detective Seth Kemper said that he noticed a U-Haul traveling at a higher rate of speed when he activated his emergency lights to initiate a traffic stop on Sept. 6.
Detective Kemper said that the driver, Edwin Waller seemed nervous before he approached the vehicle. Detective Kemper noted the smell of raw marijuana while he waited on Waller to produce the paperwork for the U-Haul rental. Waller became upset according to Detective Kemper when he asked about the smell of marijuana coming from the vehicle.
When Waller exited the vehicle, he told Detective Kemper that all he had was marijuana cigarettes and offered the information on where to search his own vehicle. Detective Kemper told him that he would search where he smelled the odor first.
He said that once he performed the search of the driver’s side of the cab of the truck, he went to open the passenger side door of the truck but discovered it was locked. Detective Kemper said that “when returning to the driver’s side, I discovered that the vehicle was not equipped with automatic locking mechanisms from the driver door, therefore, I climbed into the cab and reached over the large box that was resting in the passenger seat, at the time, the odor of raw marijuana was more profound.”
Upon search of the passenger side of the vehicle, Detective Kemper discovered a marijuana grinder, a jar that was believed to be a THC wax and large sifters that had marijuana residue in them. He also found a glass device that appeared to be used for the ingestion of THC product and marijuana rolling papers.
The back of the U-Haul had multiple large glass containers with marijuana residue in them, more glass jars, plastic moldings for THC edibles and a glass tube with a liquid substance that field tested positive for THC.
Detective Kemper temporarily ceased the search and placed Waller under arrest for endeavoring to manufacture. The search was continued at a secure facility. Some of the items in the back of the U-Haul, Detective Kemper found include a steam machine, vacuum with marijuana residue, 7 plastic tubs (1 containing marijuana,) 1 dehumidifier, 1 grow tent new in box, 1 ‘HydroLogic’ purification reverse osmosis pump assembly, 1 vacuum sealer, miscellaneous pumps and 1 smart vaporizer.
A name badge for Lee Waller was found that listed Waller as an “Industry Pro” for the “Indo Expo” The Premiere Cannabis Trade Show.
All of the items in the U-Haul were seized and portions of the evidence were submitted to the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation Forensic Laboratory for identification of unknown substances.


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