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Third graders “Go West!” and invite the public to attend

The Davis Third Grade will present their musical “Go West!’ on Friday, Feb. 25 in the Dorothy Jameson Performing Arts Center at 9 a.m. and 1 p.m.
The morning show is for the elementary. Students in Pre-K through 4th Grades will have priority seating in the front for the 9 a.m. show.
The afternoon performance is for parents and the public. If there is no school that day due to inclement weather, the show will be rescheduled.
There’s gold in them thar hills! Gold has been discovered in the hills of California. Land is being given away to settlers willing to make a fresh start in the newly explored regions of the American West. Cowpokes and miners, farmers and adventurers of all kinds are making their way west to chase the promise of the American Dream. They come by way of wagon train, horseback, stream boat and rail. Go West! combines music, history and drama to explore important facts about the westward expansion of early United States and discovers that real gold is not always the kind made into ingots and baubles. Real gold is discovered in the ideas and inspiration derived from new lands, fresh starts and attainable dreams abundant in the promises of the land of the free.
The speaking cast includes Brantlee Hux as the Wagon Master, Brendon Nicholls as Robert Fulton, the inventor of the steamboat, Charles Austin as the Steamboat Captain, and Kaden Lee as Peter Cooper, the inventor of the Tom Thumb, the first American steam locomotive.
Mr. Henry, played by Hayden Campbell, is holding the golden spike that linked the Transcontinental Railroad. The Mayor of Independence is portrayed by Corbin Blankenship and Parker Brown plays James Marshall, whose discovery of gold at Sutter’s Mill in California was the impetus for the Gold Rush of 1849.
Other members of the cast include Nhyla Austin as Josie, Fisher White as Dan, Maci Owens as Becky, Taisley Christenson as Yellow Rose, and Abbigail McKee as Mary Ballou, an industrious woman who made her fortune by renting rooms to miners during the Gold Rush.
The show also features a variety of cowpokes, miners and pioneer women. Three cowboys, Sam, Jack and Buck are played by Kolt Smith, Mattison Beasley and Rayden Reed.
Three miners, Will, Tom and George are played by Kiliana Johnson, Justice Deaton and Gemma Mann. Pioneer women include Nancy played by Madeline Gilliland, Sarah played by Jamie Wills and Kate played by Blake Belzung. Other pioneer women are Deslynn Weaver as Jessie, Karlee Griffin as Eliza, Kailynn Lee as Sally and Isabella Helmers as Grace.
Soloists in the show are Charles Austin, Nhyla Austin, Mattison Beasley, Blake Belzung, Corbin Blankenship, Justice Deaton, James Garrison, Madeline Gilliland, Karlee Griffin, Isabella Helmers, Barrett Johnson, Kiliana Johnson, Teyla Kintopp, Kendall McCartney, Rayden Reed, Kolt Smith, Braylee Torres and Deslynn Weaver.
Third Grade teachers are Charl Lampkin, Kimberly Linville, Jerri Martin and Jessica Williams. Music Director Denise White invites the public to attend the show.

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