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City looking to form a committee for the care and upkeep of Greenhill Cemetery

By Alisha Thompson
Did you know that artificial flowers, plants or other decorative items placed on graves at Greenhill Cemetery for more than 90 days are subject to removal according to a city ordinance for the cemetery. Fresh flowers are allowed 7 days before they are slated to be removed from a grave. This announcement caused concern for some listening to the Monday night’s council meeting via Facebook livestream.
Don’t fret. The story isn’t over.
City Manager Andy Holland said the city is looking to enforce this ordinance soon but he wants residents that have loved ones buried in Greenhill that are taking care of the graves that this ordinance doesn’t apply to them. Those individuals who maintain these graves are asked to come and speak with Holland at City Hall. Their loved one’s grave will be placed on a list that indicates the city doesn’t have to maintain that grave.
Some grave sites have caused maintenance issues for the city because the items placed around the grave make it hard to mow or maintain weeds growing in the area. Holland said in the past, employees have refused to maintain those graves for fear of damaging sentimental items placed at the grave site.
With hope to make much needed upgrades to the cemetery, Holland’s mind is on maintenance for the time being. His wish is to form a Greenhill Cemetery Committee that can help formulate plans to allow maintenance and upgrades to happen as soon as possible.
Holland is looking for Davis residents that have loved ones buried in Greenhill to become a part of this committee. He wants people who frequently visit the cemetery to bring up issues that need to be addressed, work toward a long term plan for the cemetery including maintenance and upgrades and individuals willing to look over ordinances and rules pertaining to Greenhill Cemetery.
Anyone wishing to be a part of this committee is asked to visit with Holland at City Hall or call The Davis News to be added to this group before April 1. The committee will be presented to councilmen at the April 11 council meeting.

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