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City of Davis receives A+ on 2020-21 audit

By Alisha Thompson

The City of Davis got an A+ on their financial report card after the 2020-21 audit was completed by the city’s accounting firm, Angel, Johnston and Blasingame, P.C. With no significant findings that needed to be reported, Auditor Chris Angel said “This is the first year, every since I’ve been doing the work that things have been in good enough shape to get to that point. We are pleased with the progress that’s been made. We can tell everything is going in the right direction on financial accountability.” Angel’s firm has been the city’s auditing firm for over six years.
Angel said that there was no issues during the audit. “They were very good at getting us information, timely, they were able to find it,” Angel said. “Most of the stuff they were even able to get before we showed up. We were able to get good answers to things. We were real pleased with this process.”
Three recommendations were made by Angel for the city’s accounting practices. “I’m really not required to let you know about those but I know the council likes to know these things,” Angel said. The recommendations included making sure all grants should be properly recorded and monitored to ensure all funds available are appropriately identified. Year end inventories should be taken in a timely manner. Expenditures in the Street Maintenance Fund exceeded total appropriations by $30,921. In the General Fund Culture and Recreational budget was exceeded by $1,385. However, the overall General Fund budget was in compliance.
Councilmen approved the 2020-21 audit.
City Council Meeting
Stan Jones and Josh Oakley were absent from the March meeting. This absence puts Oakley close to losing his seat on the council. State laws state that “Whenever a member of the municipal governing body is absent from more than one-half all meetings of the governing body, regular and special, held within any period of four consecutive months, he shall thereupon cease to hold office.” To date, Oakley has missed three meetings from January to March.
Councilmen approved a lease agreement with TH Rogers Lumber Company to lease the lot located on the corner of North Fourth Street and East Benton Avenue. City Manager Andy Holland said that TH Rogers will maintain the lot for the duration of the lease. “It helps them (TH Rogers) and doesn’t take anything away from the City,” Holland said. The contract is year to year, with a 30 day notice vacate.
The city will pay for the design and construction of the Second Street water Line Relocation and Construction project in Support of the US Highway 77 (stop light to the alley)/State Highway 7 (stop light to the railroad tracks) Drainage project. Holland asked for up to $300,000 for the project. They will be reimbursed for the total cost of the project by the Oklahoma Department of Transportation. City Treasurer Susie Suther said that the city could have their reimbursement back around fall. The cost will be funded out of the Street Maintenance Fund. Councilman Clint Grinstead made sure that allocating this money wouldn’t take away from any other scheduled project. Suther said that the city should be okay for this amount of money to be allocated to this project.
Heath Foster’s three year term was renewed by councilmen to serve on the Board of Trustees for the Southern Oklahoma Library System.
Ordinance 01-2022 amendment to the OkMRF Defined Contribution Master Plan and Joinder Agreement was accepted. “Every few years OkMRF makes a few changes to their contribution plan, some of them have to do with IRS determinations and that type of change. With us accepting the changes they have made to our plan, none of them are detrimental to our plan or our employees,” Suther explained. “To remain in their new system, we have to adopt their new documents. This is us agreeing to the changes they’ve made.”
If you’re planning a Special Event in Davis, you’ll need a Special Event permit with the City of Davis. Davis is a Film Friendly City and this permit is a requirement for that designation. Suther said that this permit will most likely be used for festivals or events. There is a starting fee of $150 with additional fees that could apply. “One of the things we really struggled with this on is if we have to devote a lot of city resources, how do we charge for that? She went on to say “I’ve made it very vague in this in that other charges may apply.” Suther said that this permit reserves the right to know what is going on with these events.
Chamber of Commerce Director Monica Popkess said that this is a requirement to complete the certification to become a film friendly city.
Councilmen adjourned from the regular meeting to executive session to discuss the performance of the City Manager. After resuming the nearly hour closed door meeting, councilmen resumed regular session with Mayor Brian Davis saying that he worded the reason for executive session to be placed on the agenda. He went on to explain “An employee disputed a performance improvement disciplinary action form, an employee wrote a response and both are to be placed into employee’s personnel file.”
Davis Municipal Authority
Trustees voted to increase Rural Water’s rates based on Oklahoma Rural Water Assocation’s recommendation of the rate change for a three year period.
Turner Falls Manager Ricky Harness said the previous month the council voted to cancel the contract for the ice cream shop and the pizza shop based on the cost that it that it would be to bring those facilities up to code. Harness said the park is looking to demolish the Cactus Patch at the end of the year. “We are continuing to work to bring the Cactus Patch up to a level that, based on the feedback from the public health inspector, we believe it will be operational.”
Harness said the Hilltop facility had similar issues with the health inspectors. He said they canceled the contract and decided to move forward with the food truck court. Alex Sbeity spoke to trustees saying he spoke to the Health Department and he didn’t see anything they couldn’t handle. Trustees voted not to change their decision from the previous council meeting. Harness will work with Sbeity to allow his business to continue but not in the same location. The ice cream shop will not be open this year, but will be available to use for frozen food storage. Grinstead said “The reason I make this motion is the because you’re not going to have to spend the money if you want to use that to upkeep your building. So, that’s a fair trade. And they are offering you some freezer space. I know it’s not going to be within reach but it’s within the park. Next year we’ll have a food truck court and we want you to be a part of that.”
Holland said that ticket sales to the park are indicative of their ability to provide food. Holland said that the city’s desire is to make sure they provide what the guests of Turner Falls Park need.
At a planning meeting for Turner Falls Park, Harness said that that questions have been raised and significant price increases, the city has a new contractor for the laundry facility at Turner Falls Park. The quote for this facility $65,150. The contractor is ready to start on the facility. The facility is strictly for Turner Falls Park staff use and is planned to accommodate the linens for park expansion plans. Harness said the facility is being built to accommodate commercial washers. Trustees, voted to fund the project.
March 21 Special Meeting
Councilmen voted to fund the installation of shade structures at Fullerton and Turner Falls Park.
The next council meeting is April 11 at 6 p.m. at the Council Chambers. The public is invited and encouraged to attend. The Council Chambers are located at 306 S. Third Street.
(Editors note: This 4.5 hour council meeting can be viewed in its entirety on the City of Davis – Oklahoma Facebook page. The 2020-21 audit has been placed on the City’s website and can be read at

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