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Busy April for Murray County Sheriff Office

It’s been a busy April for the Murray County Sheriff’s Department. The Davis Police aided the Sheriff’s Office in what is the fifth shooting in Davis since the summer of 2021. The Murray County Sheriff’s Department and the Davis Police Department responded to a report of a stolen vehicle containing a firearm on April 29. Savanna Whitaker reportedly took the vehicle and made a comment that she was going to kill her ex-husband who resides on Highway 110.
Within minutes, a 911 call came into to dispatch reporting a woman was firing at a home on Highway 110. Because the home was in close proximity to the Davis city limits, the Sheriff’s Office requested mutual aid through the Davis Police Department. Davis Police Officer Seth Kemper was first to arrive on scene followed by Deputy Mike Woods. Whitaker had reportedly rammed the stolen vehicle into the residence.
Numerous Davis officers and county units cleared the residence and a shop that was located on the property, but Whitaker could not be located. Undersheriff Jay McClure and Deputy Charline Bates started a search east of the property and located Whitaker approximately 200 yards away in the timber. Undersheriff McClure, Deputy Brandon Eddy and Officer Kemper covered the suspect while Deputy Bates handcuffed the Whitaker.
Deputy Mike Woods collected a firearm from the stolen vehicle that is believed to be used to shoot into the residence. Lawmen found a gunshot hole in the residence.
Area law enforcement have had contact with Whitaker on multiple occasions in the past.
Sheriff Darin Rogers would like to thank the Davis Police Department for their assistance at the residence on Highway 110. “This incident could have ended easily with great bodily harm or death if any of the occupants would have been home,” said Sheriff Rogers. “Mrs. Whitaker’s own kids live at the residence and thankfully they were not home at the time.”
Deputy Eddy conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle for a rules of the road violation near Mid-way Hill on Highway 7 on April 19.
Deputy Eddy made contact with the driver who he recognized from previous encounters. After speaking with the driver, he contacted the female passenger who was identified as Ariel Saari. Shortly after the stop, Deputy Bates arrived to assist.
While Deputy Bates was checking the subjects for warrants and their drivers license status, Deputy Eddy deployed his state certified K-9 for an open-air sniff. A positive alert was indicated by the dog. A search of the vehicle produced a weight of a crystal substance thought to be methamphetamine over the threshold for trafficking in methamphetamine. Deputy Eddy located numerous pills that appeared to be a central nervous system stimulant amphetamine in the vehicle.
Saari was arrested at the scene and transported to the Murray County Jail. Lawmen learned Saari had been released from prison last May and moved to Arkansas to start a new life.
Lawmen learned Saari had purchased 2 ounces of methamphetamine when she entered Oklahoma. It is believed she possibly sold an ounce of methamphetamine in Murray County.
According to Sheriff Darin Rogers, Saari is another out of county subject who has been caught in our county with a large amount of methamphetamine.
According to Oklahoma Department of Corrections (DOC) website, Saari has been to prison and charged with robbery, kidnapping, larceny of an automobile and possession of CDS with intent to distribute. Sheriff Rogers said, “It’s time to get serious with these repeat offenders for the safety of our community.” The Sheriff’s Office is recommending to the court system Saari should serve no less than 25 years in DOC due to the previous charges.
Deputy Eddy was on patrol when he noticed a vehicle parked at the ABC storage at Highway 7 and Highway 110 on April 24 when he noticed a man urinating beside his vehicle. Deputy Eddy spoke with the man, Darrell Wallace about urinating in public. It was then, Deputy Eddy noticed the man’s car full of miscellaneous items.
Deputy Eddy felt the need to check the units at the facility, noticing two had been opened and the contents of the units appeared to be disturbed. He went back to talk to Wallace and he admitted to breaking into the units. The passenger in the Wallace’s car, Taylor Johnson, admitted that she was involved as well.
Deputy Eddy contacted the person who rented the units and verified the items inside the car belonged to them. Wallace and Johnson were arrested and transported to jail.
Later, Deputy Eddy was able to connect to a stolen trailer from the ABC Storage that was taken two nights prior to this incident to Wallace. Deputy Eddy traveled to Ardmore and was able to recover the trailer. The trailer has been returned to the rightful owner.
During this investigation, Deputy Blake Clifton, Davis Officer Jakub Sharp and Davis Officer Shawn Apple assisted in the investigation.
According to Sheriff Rogers, Wallace was committing the crimes to support a methamphetamine addiction.
Wallace is another person who is not from Murray County who is coming here to commit crimes. According to Oklahoma Department of Corrections website, Wallace has been to prison in the past and has been charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance (CDS), possession of CDS with intent to distribute and possession or concealing stolen property.
It appears Mr. Wallace’s last visit the Oklahoma Department of Corrections wasn’t long enough and the Sheriff’s Office believes the sentence should be doubled this go around.Deputy Bates took a report of a stolen motorcycle in the 100 block of East Main Street in Dougherty on April 27. The motorcycle was a 2022 Yamaha Blue in Color and had a value of around $5,000. Because Dougherty is a tight-knit community that don’t respond well to thieves, numerous tips were obtained about where the motorcycle could be.
Sheriff Rogers, Undersheriff McClure, and Deputy Bates started to contacted numerous Dougherty residents on April 29. These tips led lawmen to south of Dickson near Highway 70.
Sheriff Rogers noticed the stolen motorcycle at a residence off of Dickson Road. Undersheriff McClure spoke with the person living there and told him who he got the motorcycle from.
Deputy Bates confirmed it was the stolen motorcycle and the motorcycle was returned it to the rightful owner. Lawmen said the investigation will continue and the subjects who are responsible will be seeing the Murray County Sheriff’s Department deputies in the very near future.

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