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Davis Police Make Big Arrests During May

By: Alisha Thompson
Counterfeit money and a vechile versus pedestrian call make for a busy couple of weeks for the Davis Police Department.
Officer Jake Smith was dispatched to Snak Shak located at 15900 Highway 7 for someone attempting to pass counterfeit bills. Officer Smith said the individuals were still on scene and left when he arrived. The car they were in did not have a tail light on the driver’s side, so Officer Smith initiated a traffic stop.
Officer Smith asked who was passing counterfeit bills at the store and no one in the car claimed to know. Melvin Watts, a passenger in the car, was asked to step out of the car because Officer Smith had an outstanding warrant for his arrest from the City of Davis.
Watts was asked a second time about the counterfeit bills and he gave Officer Smith 9 counterfeit $20 bills with the same serial numbers. Watts was placed under arrest by Officer Smith.
A passenger in the car with Watts was seen on camera passing counterfeit bills the day before.
Officer Smith told her they knew she was the one that tried to pass the counterfeit bill at Snak Shak. She then told Officer Smith she didn’t know the bills were fake.
Watts was transported to the Murray County jail and charged with possession of counterfeited US currency. A preliminary conference trial hearing was set for June 14 at 8:30 a.m. and a bond of $2,500 was set.  Vehicle versus pedestrian
A Davis woman is behind bars after allegedly running over a man, claiming he jumped on her windsheild.
Officer Smith, responded to a vehicle versus pedestrian call on May 20 on South C Street. Upon arrival, Officer Smith saw the victim laying on the ground next to his vehicle. Officer Smith noted the victim had blood on his right arm and under his armpit. He also had glass on his face and the top of his head.
Witnesses stated that Lajuana Lewis hit the man with her vehicle pushing him into trees. They said she never let off the grass and it looked like the man went under the truck.
Officer Smith and Deputy Mike Woods went to Lewis’s residence. They found her cleaning her vehicle stating she spilled a drink. Officer Smith noted damage to the windshield and passenger side of the vehicle. When asked what happened, Lewis stated that the victim jumped on her windshield and she drove into the trees because she couldn’t see. She said she left the scene because this “happened because (the victim) wanted her in jail.”
Lewis was placed under arrest for assault and battery with a deadly weapon and leaving the scene of an accident with great bodily injury. Lewis told officers she wasn’t going to jail and resisted arrest. Which added another charge when she was booked into the Murray County Jail.
From his hospital bed, the victim told Officer Smith that Lewis was traveling south on South C Street while he was pulling out of his driveway and she saw him and sped up like she was going to hit him. He stepped out of the vehicle and told her to leave. He said he threw a lug wrench at her vehicle, she sped up and hit him. He said she backed up and drove into the trees again with him still on the hood. He said he was able to roll off the hood and she revved her engine and came at him.
In jail, Lewis maintained her story that the victim jumped on her hood and she “had to slam on her brakes to keep from getting hit.”

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