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Escaped Arrestee Returned to Lighthorse Custody

An inmate escaped Lighthorse Police custody in the early morning hours of May 19.
Around 2 a.m., the arrestee, Ryan Dill, seated and handcuffed, was awaiting the booking process when made the decision to flee the facility. Within moments, the arresting officer noticed him missing. He asked for assistance from the duty officers from the Sulphur Police Department.
The area was searched by officers of the Lighthorse Police Police Department, Sulphur Police Department and the Murray County Sherriff’s Office. In the morning hours, enhanced efforts to catch Dill included SWAT members, K-9 officers and new equipment to aide in the search.
Deputies stayed in contact with SRT Commander Pete Haines throughout the day, keeping new information flowing for a successful mission.
Several possible sightings were reported by concerned citizens, every lead was immediately checked and pursued. Several of Dill’s known associates residences were visited by teams of officers led by Commander Haines and Lighthorse Police throughout the day.
In the afternoon hours, the area where Dill had last been seen was flooded with uniformed lawmen who thoroughly canvased the area with boots on the ground approach. During this phase, a Deputy received a call of a sighting of Dill near 12th Street and Broadway. Three Deputies arrivedat the same time and captured Dill near 12th Street and Muskogee. Officers of the Sulphur and Lighthorse Police Department arrived and searched Dill.
He was transported to the Murray County Jail. Dill was given food and water before being transported to another facility by Lighthorse Police officers.

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