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City Manager Fired, Ricky Harness Named Interim City Manager in 3 to 2 Vote

By Alisha Thompson

Monday night’s council meeting broke records. Over 50 people attended the meeting, the Facebook live stream had over 1,000 views (and counting) and there was no electricity for the first hour of the meeting. To top it off, an over 2 hour executive session left a packed council chambers even more bothered wondering what was next for Holland.
In a vote of 3 to 2 Davis City Councilmen voted to fire City Manager Andy Holland. Councilmen Clint Grinstead made the motion to fire Holland and Councilmen Jeremy Bumgarner seconded it. Grinstead, Bumgarner and Councilman Josh Oakley voted to fire Holland and Mayor Brian Davis and Vice Mayor Stan Jones voted for Holland to stay.
Holland was asked to check out on Tuesday with City Attorney Mark Melton.
After the vote Holland asked to address the council and meeting attendees. He said “It has been my greatest pleasure serving the City of Davis. I want to thank you all five city councilmen. I appreciate the trust you had in me and the support that I was given. And I wish the best of luck to everybody and whoever takes my place, I’ll do my best to make a smooth transition.” Holland shook almost everyone’s hand at the council table prior to his exit after the motion.
Turner Falls Park Manager was named Interim City Manager by the council at Monday night’s meeting.
A story detailing Monday night’s meeting will appear in next week’s edition of The Davis News.

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