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Davis Man Commits Suicide Before Being Questioned by Police

By Alisha Thompson
A Davis man committed suicide on June 9 before he was questioned by Davis Police and the Murray County Sheriff’s Office regarding his alleged involvement in a reported child molestation incident.
Assistant Police Chief Dee Gregory said that a woman came to the Davis Police Department on the afternoon of June 9 to report an incident of abuse toward a child. Assistant Chief Gregory said that the woman saw a video of a child on 44 year-old, Ryan West’s phone that prompted her going to the police department. He said that she showed the video to a friend in the event that West deleted it. The friend who saw the video and a family member of the woman reporting the incident were with the woman at the police department.
The woman lived at Cross Bar Offroad Park and when she reported the incident to management at Cross Bar, West was evicted. Assistant Chief Gregory said that when this happened West had said he would commit suicide.
While the report was being made at the police department, Assistant Chief Gregory got word that West was in the overflow parking lot at CTS gas station. He asked a Davis officer to go speak with West at the gas station parking lot.
A Murray County Deputy joined the Davis officer.
Before the officers could make contact with West, they heard a gunshot. West shot himself in the parking lot before he could be questioned by police.
The Garvin County Sheriff’s Office is in charge of the suicide investigation. It has been said that West left suicide notes, but that is unconfirmed by the Garvin County Sheriff’s Office.
Since June 9, a second victim has come forward alleging abuse by West. The Davis Police Department will continue the investigation into the molestation allegations.
Assistant Chief Gregory said that the Davis Police Department will get a search warrant for West’s phone and submit the case to the Murray County District Attorney. It will most likely be dropped when it’s submitted because West is deceased.
This investigation is ongoing. “My main concern right now is making sure the families are taken care of and they have access to the counseling they need,” Assistant Chief Gregory said.

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