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Investigation Ends with Davis Woman After Reports of a Dead Baby in Wynnewood

By Alisha Thompson

Wynnewood Police Officer Brandon Cross has been cleared to return to duty after being placed on paid administrative leave.
Officer Cross reportedly responded to a Wynnewood business after employees reported a dead/miscarried baby in the restroom on June 29. Officer Cross allegedly told the store employees to throw the reported remains away.
As of July 11, City Marshal Ken Moore said he spoke to the Davis woman who had the reported miscarriage and she told him it was menstrual issues she deals with every month. Moore said she hasn’t been to the doctor since June 29, so there is no way to know if she had a miscarriage.
Moore said he called OSBI and they told him because the reported evidence was discarded, there was no crime scene to investigate. If there was evidence of a baby, OSBI would come with cadaver dogs.
Officer Cross was reinstated July 11 before this evidence was brought to light according to Moore.
Moore said that employee’s of the business reached out to the Wynnewood Police Department after the June 29 interaction with Officer Cross when they reported the alleged remains of a dead baby. Employees told Moore that Officer Cross didn’t inspect the scene.
An employee of the business, who wishes to remain unnamed, spoke to The Davis News and said that a woman came in to the store to use the restroom. She was with another woman that told employees they stopped at the store because the woman thought she might have started her cycle.
The eye witness/store employee said the woman was in the restroom for a while and she came out to continue shopping with the people she came into the store with.
The other store employee went to clean the restroom at the end of the night and found the restroom covered in blood. The eyewitness said the toilet, and in front of the toilet, was “a bloody mess.” She said she and the other employee “gloved up” to clean the bathroom. When they went to take the trash bag out, she said it was heavy.
She said they rummaged through the trash bag and saw an umbilical chord.
She and her coworker were distraught. The eyewintness’s coworker called her pastor and the pastor suggested they call the police.
The eyewitness said Officer Cross responded to the call and they explained what happened. They told Officer Cross the trash bag was by the dumpster and he told them to throw it away.
The eyewitness said that she went outside and Officer Cross was still in the parking lot after they spoke to him. He asked if her coworker was okay and eventually, if she was okay. He said that he was worried about how upset her coworker was.
Since then, the reported discarded remains have been taken to the landfill. It was then, Moore learned there was no report filed and Officer Cross’s superiors were not informed of the incident. Moore’s concerns were with the woman in question (her health and well being) and the fact that proper police protocol did not take place. The scene was not investigated.
With the reported amount of blood in the restroom, local law enforcement say this incident should have been investigated as a crime scene.
Moore said that his issue with this situation stems from one thing, Cross didn’t look at the reported evidence. “I’m flabbergasted he wouldn’t look at the evidence. He should’ve taken a couple more minutes and looked,” Moore said. “He did do something wrong in this, he didn’t investigate the call.”

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