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One Man Arrested After a Foot Chase, One Remains At Large

By: Alisha Thompson

A broken headlight prompted a traffic stop that lead to area law enforcement arresting one man that fled on foot and a warrant being issued for another man that is still on the run.
Around 8:40 p.m. Monday night, Davis Police Officer Randall Carter pulled over a car traveling in the 100 block of west Main Street with a headlight that was out.
Officer Carter made contact with the driver, Cymetrick Williams. Officer Carter asked for William’s license and insurance. Officer Carter noted the smell of marijuana coming from William’s car but made the choice not to immediately disclose that information with Williams and the occupants of his car. Officer Carter choice to be cautious with this stop stemmed from prior interactions with Williams and the occupants of the vehicle with the Davis Police Department.
Williams asked why he was stopped and Officer Carter told him it was because of the headlight. Williams explained that he didn’t have the money to replace the headlight and Officer Carter told him he wasn’t writing him a ticket because of the headlight. Officer Carter called for additional units to help with the call.
Officer Carter told Williams that he could smell marijuana in the car. Williams said he didn’t have marijuana with him and he had a medical marijuana card.
Officer Carter said he was going to check the validity of the card and he Williams continued to argue with him about that there wasn’t marijuana in the car.
Murray County Sheriffs Deputy Mike Woods and Officer Kassie Fjeld arrived to assist with the stop.
Officer Carter told Williams card was valid and that due to the odor of marijuana, he was going to search the car.
The passenger, Daxton Davis, asked Deputy Woods if he needed to step out of the vehicle and Deputy Woods told him he did. Both, Williams and Davis, were patted down for weapons and Williams was instructed to stand in front of Officer Carter’s patrol unit.
Officer Carter and Deputy Woods searched the car and found a green bottle that contained a green leafy substance and a replica firearm that shoots BBs. Williams asked if officers found anything, they said yes. Williams asked if he was going to jail because they found the BB gun.
When officers asked to search the glove box, they were told no. When the trunk was opened, an officer yelled to let others on scene know Davis was on the run. In the chaos, Williams ran, too.
Davis was apprehended in the 200 block of South Eighth Street without incident. He was handcuffed and placed in the back of Officer Carter’s unit. Officer Carter immediately responded to North Sixth and Benton where Williams was last seen. Officer Gary Smith and K-9 Officer Michlo began to track Williams. Officers Ryan Thomas and Bill Greenlee arrived to assist in the efforts.
The vehicle Williams was driving was inventoried before being turned over to the owner.
Two firearms were found in backpacks in the trunk of the vehicle.
Davis was placed under arrest. While in transit to the jail, Davis told Officer Carter that he knew there were firearms in the trunk. After booking Davis into jail, Officer Carter returned to assist in a search for Williams before it was called off that evening. Charges have been filed and submitted to the Murray County District Attorney’s Office.

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