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Davis Police Take 36 pounds of Marijuana off the Streets

By Alisha Thompson
A Davis Police Officer was nearly hit by a passing car that turned into a pursuit where the car caught on fire. One more thing, there was 36 pounds of marijuana in the back seat of that car that was seized from the car, too.
Davis Police Officer Randall Carter was nearly hit by a black BMW when driving past the EZ Mart parking lot when the driver pulled turned into the west bound lane in front of the store.
Officer Carter said he pulled into the turn lane in the 900 Block of East Main and the driver pulled in behind him. The driver apologized, saying he didn’t see Officer Carter coming. Officer Carter asked the driver to pull in front of his unit for safety reasons. The driver left the scene at a high rate of speed.
Officer Carter radioed dispatch to notify them he was in a pursuit and requested assistance.
Officer Carter said the driver made an abrupt lane change to pass a vehicle in the 200 Block of East Main. At West Main and South D, the driver changed lanes abruptly once more to pass two vehicles.
As the pursuit entered Highway 77 to I-35 south bound, Officer Carter said speeds reached 111 miles per hour. At mile marker 46, the BMW caught on fire. Officer Carter said it appeared to be the front driver’s side tire.
Officer Nichole Shultz arrived to assist in the pursuit. At mile marker 44, the driver went on to a gravel path that connected the north and south bound lanes where he exited the vehicle and fled on foot. Officer Carter said he chased the suspect in his car to the east side of the northbound lane. Officer Carter said the suspect ran into the tree line where he lost sight of the suspect.
Officer Shultz was with the passenger, Jose Perez. Sergeant Detective Seth Kemper arrived to locate a black duffle bag with three trash bags inside full of a green leafy substance that later field tested to be marijuana.
Officer Gary Smith arrived with K9 officer Miclo. The pair attempted to track the escaped suspect but lost the “track.”

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