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Town Hall Meeting to Discuss Water on Sept. 27

By Ricky Harness, Davis City Manager
As all City of Davis residents are aware, we have recently experienced several city-wide water outages. While I know the outages are inconvenient and frustrating, please know that city employees are working diligently to correct the issues. We are facing significant challenges related to the computer systems and software that monitor and operate the water treatment plant. The operating systems are outdated and are experiencing system glitches during power spikes. These glitches have impacted water production and our ability to accurately monitor production levels. At no time has the safety of water produced been in question. We have engaged the support of an engineering firm to help us debug the system to mitigate future impacts. We are developing cost estimates to upgrade the computer systems and software. Any system upgrades purchased now will be fully compatible with the systems that will monitor and operate the new waste-water treatment plant when completed.
In order to provide more information and to solicit feedback from city residents, we will host a Town Hall meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 27 in the City Council Chambers at 308 South Third Street from 7 to 8 p.m.

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