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Deputies Nab Local Thieves

As far back as May 24, 2022, Sheriff’s lawmen have been working to close several cases involving alleged illegal activities of two locals. Sheriff’s lawmen identified Denny Binderim, 60, of Sulphur, and Skylor Kirkland, 22, of Sulphur, during the theft of a Case 590 turbo Backhoe valued at $17,000.
Lawmen enlisted the help of Tru Technologies a business based in Noble and neighbors with camera systems. These systems proved vital to the tracking of the alleged criminal’s movement through the rural neighborhood. In just under 24 hours the backhoe was recovered and returned to its lawful owners.
After several interviews the lawmen felt confident in their case. Lawmen submitted a warrant request to the Murray County District Attorneys Office.
During the process of the warrants being issued, county lawmen believe Kirkland continued to break the law by allegedly stealing real property in several southern Oklahoma Counties. County lawmen recovered a stolen Lincoln Pipeline welder from Kirkland at his place of residence in southern Murray County in the 100 Block of Woolaston Road. This welder was stolen from a Vo Tech center in Atoka in early August.
Lawmen turned up the heat and began searching for Kirkland on all shifts of duty. Deputy Brandon Eddy and Deputy Blake Clifton flushed Kirkland out of hiding near Hickory. Kirkland fled the area in a red Dodge pickup.
Days later Murray County deputies learned of a new hideout of Kirkland in Garvin County.
Murray County Deputies contacted the Garvin County Sheriff’s Office who were quick to surround the area. They were able to apprehend Kirkland and Tammie Blue in a vehicle stolen form the McClain County area.
A firearm was located during this arrest. Kirkland received additional charges as result. Kirkland was transported to Garvin County for his involvement then to Murray County for his court appearance. Kirkland posted bond for charge of possessing the stolen welder.
He was then arrested for his involvement in defacing a historical Hickory home. Kirkland is believed to be the person who chiseled a piece of history from the brick fireplace of this home. A genuine Thompson Sub Machine Gun had been concreted into the fireplace. Lawmen have heard stories of this property for years and have always been curious what was true. It has been alleged Kirkland removed and stole the historic piece.
The weapon was recovered on Aug. 3 and is kept in a safe place for the time being.
Binderim turned himself in to the Murray County Sheriff’s Department on Sept. 9 and is out on bond.
Sheriff Darin Rogers wants the citizens of Murray County to know his staff will work hard to right the wrongs committed against you. Some crimes take longer than others to solve, his staff will go the distance to keep this great county safe.

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