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Councilmen Move Forward with Grant Process

By: Alisha Thompson
Davis City Council members voted to approve Resolution #617 Seeking Funding from U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Railroad Administration through the Railroad Crossing Elimination Grant in a special meeting on Oct. 7. This will require the closing of the Atlanta Avenue railroad crossing and confirmed the City of Davis does not have jurisdiction on the ownership or maintenance of McKee Industrial Road up to BNSF’s right of way lines. The vote passed 3 to 1. Councilman Clint Grinstead was the only no vote. Councilman Josh Oakley was absent.
What does this mean?
If the city is awarded this grant, the Atlanta Avenue railroad crossing will be closed to motorist traffic, as well as McKee Industrial Road. The Benton and Main Street crossings will see one track for through trains. That means, that the Main Street and Benton crossings will see reduced closing times.
Councilmen approved the option of submitting the grant. The grant is an 80/20 grant. The railroad will pay 10% of the grant, the state will pay 10% of the grant and federal funding will cover 80% of the grant. The total cost of this project has been proposed to be $30 million.
City Manager Ricky Harness said that the city is currently looking into upgrades for Hanover Road and the county is looking at options to improve their portion of Hanover Road. Projects for developing roads from A Street to the ball fields are being looked at, too.
Harness met with ODOT officials at press time on Tuesday to look at potential locations for stop lights to help with increased traffic on Main Street. Locations being discussed include Hanover and Highway 7 and the west side of the tracks.
“We can’t guarantee anything,” Harness explained. “There has been no announced timeline for this project. This process happened for us to be able to submit a grant application for theses projects.”

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