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Davis Police Department K-9 Team Take over $400,000 of Drugs off the Streets in a Week

HE’S A GOOD BOY. Davis K-9 Officer Miclo and his handler, Davis Police Officer Jake Smith, have worked two traffic stops taking over $400,000 worth of drugs off the street. Miclo and Officer Smith’s most recent traffic stop included finding over 100 pounds of packaged marijuana.

By Alisha Thompson

Give that dog a new toy! Davis K-9 Officer Miclo assisted on a traffic stop that netted 115 pounds of marijuana, the largest marijuana arrest in Davis city limits. In two weeks, Miclo and Davis Police K-9 Officer Jake Smith, have worked two traffic stops taking over $400,000 in illegal drugs off the streets.
Officer Gary “Jake” Smith observed a black pickup speeding down a Davis street around 10:30 p.m. on Nov. 12. When he activated his radar, he clocked the vehicle at 50 mph in 40 mph posted zone.
Officer Smith said he activated his lights, found a safe place to turn around and get behind the vehicle at the intersection of Highways 77 and 7. The vehicle turned west and Officer Smith initiated the traffic stop. The driver pulled over at the Washita River Bridge.
Officer Smith approached the passenger side of the vehicle. Explained his reason for the stop to the driver and asked him for his license. The driver, Ri Cheng Zheng, gave Officer Smith a license that belonged to someone else and insurance.
When Officer Smith spoke with Zheng, he noted the odor of raw marijuana. He asked Zheng if there was marijuana in the vehicle and he said no. Officer Smith asked Zheng for consent to search his vehicle and he said no. Then, he handed Officer Smith a National Police card and a badge. Further explaining that he couldn’t get in trouble, and pointed to the badge.
Officer Smith, returned to his unit to take Miclo to open air sniff the vehicle. Miclo was taken to the back side of the vehicle, given a command to search and the dog alerted on the passenger side front door of the truck. Officer Carter noted that during the dog’s open air sniff, Zheng made a phone call.
Officer Smith placed Miclo back in his unit and explained to Zheng that his partner had indicated a positive alert on the vehicle. Officer Randall “Todd” Carter placed Zheng in handcuffs to detain him until the investigation was complete. Zheng was placed in the front passenger seat of the patrol unit.
Officer Carter assisted Officer Smith in a search of the vehicle. The officers found $2,000 in a black bag in the front passenger seat.
In the bed of the truck, officers found 3 large Home Depot boxes full of vacuum sealed bags of marijuana. The total weight of the marijuana in the bed of the truck was over 100 pounds and over worth $300,000.
Officer Smith placed Zheng under arrest.
Officer Carter located a small box containing marijuana. Office Smith said that while he was retrieving the wallet Zheng showed him with the badge he found Zheng’s driver’s license.
Zheng was booked for trafficking marijuana, impersonating an officer, false personation of another and speeding.

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