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Sen. Frank Simpson’s Session Review

I’ve done some incredible things in my life – serving in the Navy, being a father and grandfather, serving in the ministry, and traveling the world, but serving in the Oklahoma Senate is an experience I’ll always cherish. It has been such an honor representing the citizens of Senate District 14.
Together, we have accomplished great things. We got more than 150 bills signed into law, including 85 in the Senate – most of which were military-related. Having served in the Navy for nearly three decades, I was extremely upset by the disturbing stories of treatment within our state veteran’s centers and the lack of adequate services and opportunities available for our veterans and active military members. I was determined to make changes to honor these heroes’ service and sacrifice and get them the treatment and services they deserved.
After months of heart-wrenching testimonies and presentations, I authored legislation to improve care at our veteran’s centers, increase staff training and pay, and reform the Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs and War Veterans Commission. I also successfully passed legislation designating Oklahoma as a Purple Heart State; creating community-based homes for aging and terminally ill veterans and medical foster homes for disabled vets. We created the
K-I-A Reinterment Fund and ensured indigent veterans also receive a proper burial. I further championed measures to streamline military student transfers; make college more affordable for Oklahoma’s heroes; promote equitable access to state and federal benefits and services for female veterans; protect National Guard members from employment discrimination; and extend state benefits to peacetime veterans. My bills also added a designation on driver licenses for 100% disabled vets, their spouses or unmarried widows, and improved the verification system to protect their sales tax exemption.
Some of my other projects included protecting the Arbuckle Simpson Aquifer; and expanding the Trafficking in Illegal Drugs Act. After the tragic death of my granddaughter from diabetic complications, I focused on improving diabetes awareness and education statewide and made insulin and other resources more affordable.
None of this would have been possible without all of your support and encouragement. I want to especially thank Rep. Tommy Hardin, who served as the co-author on most of my bills, and vice versa, over the years. His leadership and dedication to Oklahoma families and veterans is commendable. I cherish our friendship and am grateful to have had him by my side as we fought for Oklahoma’s veterans, military members, and their families.
I also want to thank my assistant, Glenda Colbert, who not only kept me on schedule and organized, but spent countless hours helping connect veterans with resources statewide. She was a tireless advocate for Oklahoma’s heroes – no one has a bigger heart for our military members and veterans and I’m eternally grateful our paths crossed 12 years ago.
Finally, I want to thank my precious daughters and other family for their endless love and support. I’m especially grateful for my wife, Karen, for her friendship and kind ear that got me through the difficult loss of my first wife, Linda. God brought Karen into my life, and she is a constant source of support and encouragement. Thank you Karen for believing in me and being such a bright light in my life.
I cannot thank you all enough for your support all these years. God bless you all!

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