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Davis Police Arrest Maysville Woman on Drug Charges

Davis Police continue a streak of impressive drug arrests with eagle eyed officers finding traffic violations on Davis streets. A paper tag and a modified exhaust pipe was the reason for the stop but the driver and passenger came away with felony drug charges.
Davis Police Officer Jakub Sharp noticed a silver car eastbound on East Main Street around 4 a.m. on Nov. 17. The modified exhaust pipe and unreadable paper tag prompted Officer Sharp to initiate a traffic stop.
After making contact with the driver, Dusti Rickert, Officer Sharp asked for her license and insurance. Officer Kassie Fjeld assisted Officer Sharp on the traffic stop. Dispatch let officers know the vehicle Rickert was driving was registered to a man out of Pauls Valley. Rickert and her passenger, Dallas Robinson, told officers that Rickert had just purchased the car.
Officer Sharp asked Rickert if she had any weapons or drugs in the car and she said she had a handgun. When Officer Sharp found the handgun, he asked dispatch to run additional information, mainly looking for felony charges. Robinson was a convicted felon and Rickert had pending felony charges.
Officer Sharp placed Robinson under arrest for felon in possession of a handgun. Officer Fjeld said the purse the handgun were located in was located in between Robinson’s legs. When officers ran the serial number of the handgun, the serial number for the handgun was tagged as possibly stolen from Lawton.
Officer Jonathon Crowley, also assisting on the stop, placed Rikert in handcuffs until the gun was confirmed stolen.
Officers Sharp and Fjeld searched the car finding a potholder that had a glass pipe in it with a white powdery substance inside of it. Officer Sharp found a handgun inside of Rickert’s purse. At this time, dispatch confirmed the first handgun found was stolen out of Lawton.
Officer Fjeld pulled on a vent on the dashboard and found a small black bag that was opened. Officer Fjeld unzipped the bag and found 2 Ziploc bags filled with a white powdery substance. The substance was field tested and it tested positive for methamphetamine.
Rickert was charged with trafficking methamphetamine and possession of a firearm while committing a felon. Additionally, Rickert was charged with the following misdemeanors: unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia and knowingly concealing property less than $1000. Robinson was charged with possession of a firearm after conviction or during probation.

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