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One-Year Old removed from Home by DHS

By Alisha Thompson
Four Davis residents remain in jail charged with felony child neglect after the Department of Human Services (DHS) and Davis Police Department conducted an investigation from a referral DHS received.
DHS received a referral regarding a home on South Sixth Street in September. The concern came with the one year-old juvenile in the home with “drug and alcohol activity at all times of the night and day.”
Davis Police Department Detective Seth Kemper, Officer Jake Smith and the DHS investigator visited the home on Sept. 29. Both officers remained on scene with the DHS investigator and were present for the interviews taking place. At the conclusion of the interview, it was determined the juvenile was not safe to remain in the home and a safety plan was initiated.
On, Oct. 6 the one year-old was taken for a ChildGuard® test. ChildGuard® is the only drug test designed to detect passive exposure to drugs, distinguishing between both native drugs and drug metabolites in hair specimens. Typical hair tests with other labs will only report a positive exposure result if drug metabolites are detected, even when the native drug is in the child’s hair specimen. ChildGuard® reports a positive result if either native drugs or drug metabolites are detected, giving much better insight about the child’s environment. ChildGuard® can provide evidence of substance use in a child’s environment for the past 3 months, and can be performed on donors of any age.
The results were released 6 days later and the child showed positive for methamphetamine, amphetamine and cannabinoids. The test indicated suspected long term exposure to amphetmines.
Based on the ChildGuard® test showing positive for methamphetamine, amphetamine and cannabinoids and disclosures by individuals involved in caring for the one year-old charges were felony child neglect charges were filed against: Kevin Counts, Seth Counts, Tristan Counts and Misty Ross. A juvenile caring for the child was charged with felony neglect, too.

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