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New Animal Control Officer for Davis

By Alisha Thompson

Davis has a new Animal Control Officer and she said she’s here for the animals. If she can help people, it will be bonus because they can help animals.
Charlyne McVay is from Fort Worth, Texas, and has done everything from managing an auto repair shop to working as a nanny. However, one thing has remained constant for McVay, animals.
She grew up in a big family with animals around. McVay laughed remembering her mom telling her to stop bringing home strays, but she never did. This passion boiled over into the next chapter of her life, college and the next one, marriage.
“I have rescued, re-homed or rehabilitated over 300 animals on my own,” McVay said. “I will go to shelters when they announce a Code Red and bring home animals to find homes for on Facebook. I have had people contact me looking for specific breeds and I’ll look in shelters across the state until I find them.”
The only animals McVay doesn’t have a lot of experience with is livestock.
Helping in a professional capacity with the City of Davis gives her passion more credibility. Assistant Police Chief Dee Gregory is looking forward to seeing McVay build a relationship with Davis residents. “We are looking at doing things different this time,” Assistant Chief Gregory said. “We would love to see our new Animal Control Officer have more interaction with the public. She will also work on being more interactive on social media. In the past, the Animal Control Officer has just responded to calls and worked at the pound. We want to work with the community and bring in educational aspects this position.”
McVay’s husband’s mother and grandmother are from Davis. She said that she and her husband purchased an RV two years ago in hopes to make their way to Montana. Life has slowed them down and opportunities, like working as the new Animal Control Officer have been a welcome detour on their way to Montana.
“The pound is full, I want to be able make it better,” McVay said. “When I applied for this job, I gave notice at my other job. I had never done anything with a city, I didn’t even know I had the job, and I quit to do this.”
McVay is looking forward to meeting people and forging new relationships in the community. She’s got big ideas that will require a collective effort and community support. “I want to make things easier. Easier for someone coming to adopt the animal and easier for the animals.”
McVay’s first day was Jan. 2. To speak with McVay or for assistance with an animal contact (580) 369-2323.

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