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Davis Represented at State Junior High Girls Powerlifting Meet

SEVENTH in her weight class. Freshman Lola Thompson finished seventh at the Junior High Girls State Powerlifting meet in Durant on Monday. Thompson finished with a total of 540 pounds. She deadlifted 255 pounds.

PERSONAL BEST. Freshman Cayden Boatwright finished the season smashing a personal goal with a 200 pound squat at the Junior High Girls State Powerlifting meet. Boatwright finished ninth in her weight class at the March 6 meet in Durant.

By Jeff Mapes
Lola Thompson and Cayden Boatwright competed March 6 at the Junior High Girls State meet in Durant.
Thompson finished seventh in her weight class with a 540-pound total. Boatwright finished 10th in her division.
“This is their first season to be in powerlifting and to make it to State is huge,” said Davis head coach Hunter Fullerton. “Especially with how much the sports grown. They literally competed against everyone and the strongest ninth graders in the state.”
Thompson recorded 195 pounds in the squat, 90 on the bench and 255 n the deadlift. The freshman was responsible for the four team points.
“This is a huge accomplishment in her first year of powerlifting,” Fullerton said of Thompson.
Boatwright scored only in the squat. Her lift of 200 pounds was a personal best this season.
“Her goal at the beginning of the season was to at least squat 200 and she got that on her very last squat of the year,” Fullerton said. “That’s pretty cool and she was really excited about that. But it was just a rough day for Cayden.”
Fullerton stated that a year ago 198 girls competed powerlifting in the two regionals and 60 qualified for State. This year, officials estimated almost 1200 girls in the sport.
“It’s grown exponentially in the last year or so,” Fullerton said. “In girls powerlifting they compete against big and large schools. The small and large schools are combined, so it’s more competitive to me right now. I think that’s awesome.”

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