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OHP Trooper Martinez is now a Davis Wolf Governor Stitt’s Operation S.O.S. has Oklahoma Highway Patrol at Schools

SECURE OUR SCHOOLS. Trooper Kurry Stucks, Davis Police Officer Nicole Shultz and Trooper Noe Martinez have one specific job this year, keeping students safe. Trooper Martinez has been assigned to Davis Public Schools as a part of the Secure our Schools program started by Gov. Kevin Stitt. He will be at Davis Public Schools once a week for the foreseeable future.

By Alisha Thompson

Expect an increased police presence at Davis Public Schools and you can thank Governor Stitt.
Oklahoma Highway Patrolman Noe Martinez has been assigned from Troop F to Davis Public Schools as part of the Secure Oklahoma Schools initiative. He will be at the school at least once a week joining Davis Police Department’s School Resource Officer Nicole Schultz. Trooper Martinez will patrol, walk around the school, conduct traffic stops or chat with students while on campus.
Trooper Martinez was joined by Trooper Kurry Stokes from Lindsay for an interview with The Davis News on Monday.
Trooper Martinez said that while he was assigned to Davis Public Schools, Trooper Stokes was assigned to Lindsay Public Schools and every trooper in the state is assigned to a school district. “Basically we got there walk around talk to kids and do paperwork outside. Just kinda have a command presence there at the school,” said Trooper Martinez. “We either walk around the school or conduct traffic stops around the school or do reports there. Some troopers are actually doing vulnerability assessments in the school. Some do Run, Hide, Fight training.”
Trooper Martinez began his assignment with Davis Public Schools on the week of Aug. 17.
He smiled when asked how it was going. “I’ve made connections. Good to have positive relationship with them. Especially as they get older and they are starting to drive and we are starting to encounter them. We remember them and they remember you. It’s definitely a good thing.”
Trooper Stokes is going back to the town that raised him. “I’m from there originally. A lot of the kids recognize me. Most of the teachers are still the same. There’s already a good relationship with everybody there,” said Trooper Stokes. “It’s just good to be a positive role and make a good impact on kids that young being in law enforcement.”
On Jan. 6, 203, Governor Kevin Stitt applauded the Oklahoma Highway Patrol for complying with Executive Order 2022-13, also known as Mission: S.O.S. (Secure Oklahoma Schools). All State Troopers have now been trained in a DPS-approved and CLEET-certified Law Enforcement Active Shooter Response System (LASER).
“I am proud of all of our Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers and grateful for state law enforcement’s commitment to keeping schools safe in Oklahoma,” said Governor Stitt. “When I issued Mission S.O.S. last June, I had full confidence in our ability to work together to get it done and am thrilled with how much we have accomplished in under seven months. We will continue to work to complete Mission S.O.S. entirely and ensure kids are safe at school.”
“We are very proud of the hard work our troopers have put in to meet the deadline set out in the governor’s executive order,”said Department of Public Safety Commissioner Tim Tipton. “They have spent long hours traveling the state making sure everyone is trained and ready to respond to an active shooter situation. While we hope to never have to utilize this training, Oklahoma communities can rest assured we will respond quickly and effectively.”
Expect to see Trooper Martinez at Davis Public Schools us at least once a week for the foreseeable future. He will be part of the Homecoming Parade, too. Welcome, to the area Trooper Martinez. A special thank you goes out to both, Trooper Martinez and Officer Shultz, for looking out for our students.

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