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Stop the Bleed Kits Donated to Davis Public Schools Emergency Management and County Commissioners to Thank

STOP THE BLEED. Davis Public Schools has five Stop the Bleed kits thanks to grant money used from Murray County Emergency Management funds. The kits were presented to the school on Aug. 23. Pictured (from left) Dist. 3 Murray County Commissioner, Darrell Hudson, Davis Public Schools Superintendent, Mark Moring and Murray County Emergency Management Director, Brian McDaniel.

By Alisha Thompson
Davis Public Schools has another item in their emergency services kit thanks to the forward thinking of Murray County Emergency Management Director and Interim 911 Director Brian McDaniel and the Murray County Commissioners. McDaniel delivered 5 bleeding control kits and one station to Davis Public Schools Superintendent Mark Moring on Aug. 23. He was joined by the Commissioner for District 3, Darrell Hudson.
McDaniel said that it was important to get the kits in the schools. He saw it as a chance to have hard conversations with the staff and administration. “Bleeding doesn’t always happen from a shooting incident,” McDaniels explained. “It could be a traumatic injury. A shop incident in the Ag building or a fall. These are conversations we need to have. We need to be proactive instead of reactive.”
Stop the Bleed training will take place on the first professional day when teachers return after Christmas Break. McDaniels said that he and School Superintendent Mark Moring tried to make the training work prior to school starting but it couldn’t happen.
Teachers from Davis Public Schools did take part in Oklahoma Highway Patrol’s Run, Hide and Fight training on Aug. 13. McDaniels said a specialized unit from OHP comes to each school to provide this training.
The training teaches tactics to deal with an active shooter scenario and McDaniels said that tourniquets were mentioned in the training. “Tourniquets save lives, this National Stop the Bleed initiative is so popular. It’s been so well received,” McDaniels explained.
The Stop the Bleed kits are an important part of the safety and security plan of Davis Public Schools. McDaniel said if they can get the ball rolling on this he knows that other security and safety items for students at Davis, Sulphur and the Oklahoma School for the Deaf will fall into place. He has also worked to place Stop the Bleed kits at the Murray County Courthouse and some rural fire departments in Murray County.
There is more grant money available for other things that can help first responders in the area, like choking kits. The choking kits will benefit the public and the schools. McDaniels said he will go for the grant money to secure the items to have on hand that can save a life.
Additional information about the Stop the Bleed initiative can be found at

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