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FIRST PLACE. The Sophomore class came in first place with their Superman themed float for the homecoming parade. Second place place went to the Freshman class with their Hulk themed float and the Junior class won third place with a Spiderman float for the homecoming parade.


ALUMNI HALL OF FAME inductees for the 2023 season included Brandon Tomlinson, Class of 1995. His favorite DHS memories include dragging Main and playing football and basketball for the Wolves. Darin Rogers, Class of 1987His DHS memories include getting swats from Howard Hanni for dipping in vo-ag and getting swats form Gerald Goodson for kissing a girl on the cheek on Valentine’s Day.


YOUR 2023 HOMECOMING QUEEN is Miss Cayden Buckaloo. Buckaloo is joined by Preslee Hunt, Buckaloo, Anna Merrell, Presley Smith, Millie Jo Chaffin and Connor McCartney.

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