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Holland Accepts Settlement Amount offered by City

By Alisha Thompson
Friday members of the Davis City Council met in an emergency meeting to discuss details regarding a settlement conference held on Aug. 30. Councilman Josh Oakley was absent. In a previous council meeting, councilmen gave City Manager Ricky Harness settlement authority to negotiate on behalf of the City of Davis in the breach of contract law suit former Davis City Manger Andy Holland filed in March.
Here’s the kicker, it’s done but there are no details that can be shared publicly.
The City of Davis is waiting on paperwork from Holland’s attorney and hopes are to finalize the details of the lawsuit within the week. While the dollar amount of the settlement offer is public record, it’s a matter of an ongoing legal case, which makes it off limits until the case is closed.
In the meeting on Friday, Harness briefed councilmen in an hour and five minute long executive session with the help of the city’s attorney for the case, Ryan Dean of Dewitt, Paruolo and Meek Attorneys. Councilmen emerged from executive session and voted to accept the settlement amount discussed in mediation subject to parties agreeing to a release and settlement agreement to be negotiated by City Manager and City Attorney.
The next item was a budget amendment between the Turner Falls Fund and the General Fund, all councilmen voted yes. This item could not be made public, because it was part of ongoing litigation. Councilmen adjourned the meeting at 4:05 p.m.

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