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Davis Public Library Undergoing Renovations to Help Enhance the Community Library Experience

The Davis Public Library will be undergoing renovations to help update infrastructure and services for the Davis community. The library will be closed starting Monday, March 18 for renovations; however, the Parker Memorial Library located at 500 West Broadway in Sulphur, will be open to accommodate library service needs for the Davis community during this time. The Southern Oklahoma Library System (SOLS) will be updating information about the renovation through social media and signage.
The Davis Public Library is one of three libraries that was selected for renovation along with the Healdton Community Library and Love County Library, all which were built in the 1990’s. These projects are designed to create a state-of-the-art library experience for the entire community that will foster knowledge, inspiration, and inclusivity and represent a landmark investment that underlines the Southern Oklahoma Library System’s (SOLS) commitment to serving as a dynamic resource hub for future generations.
Funding for these projects was made possible by grants from the Southern Oklahoma Memorial Foundation, and additional funding provided by the Jerome Westheimer Family Foundation.
“This renovation will enable us to better serve the community of Davis and create an inspiring environment for learning, exploration, and growth reflecting our commitment to staying at the forefront of library services and fostering a true sense of belonging for everyone,” states Gail Oehler, Executive Director.
Key features for this renovation project include:
Modernized space design to create a welcoming ambiance that blends comfort and functionality with new furnishings, windows, paint, flooring, and ADA-compliant bathrooms that will enhance the overall atmosphere, making the library a desirable destination for learning, cultural engagement, and community gatherings. This includes accessibility upgrades to ensure all visitors, including those with mobility challenges, can navigate the spaces comfortably.
Flexible and collaborative spaces will offer versatile spaces that cater to diverse preferences and activities including a makerspace with 3-D printing, laser cutting, virtual reality (VR) technology and podcasting equipment.
Advancing the library to the digital age with cutting-edge technology that offers patrons seamless access to high-speed Wi-Fi, modern workstations, and interactive learning tools, empowering users to explore new horizons in education and professional development.
Collaborative space where patrons can enjoy a study room for individual focus, and collaborative zones for group discussion and project work. Along with the community meeting room, these areas will foster engagement and facilitate lifelong learning and partnership with the community encouraging cultural, educational, and recreational programs.
The Southern Oklahoma Library System has been an integral part of Southern Oklahoma since 1960. Our mission is to empower and enrich the lives of community members by providing access to an array of resources, promoting literacy, and fostering a lifelong love for learning.
For more information, contact the Southern Oklahoma Library System at (580) 223-3164 or the Davis Public Library at (580) 369-2468. The Davis Public Library is a branch of the Southern Oklahoma Library System.
The Southern Oklahoma Library System was named Oklahoma Library of the Year in 2024.

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