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Sheriff’s Office Arrest Two with 30 Pounds of Marijuana

Sheriff Darin Rogers’ lawmen nab a duo headed toward Texas with a large stash of marijuana. Deputy Mike Woods and his K-9 partner Max were working an interdiction shift on March 13 when they successfully apprehended the pair.
Woods conducted a lawful traffic stop along I-35 on a rental vehicle. Woods said he was able to smell the odor of raw marijuana coming from the vehicle. He requested Deputy Ryan Thomas to assist with the stop and subsequent search of the vehicle. While waiting, Woods asked the occupants if they knew of any marijuana in the vehicle. Both said they didn’t know if marijuana was in the car. A search of the vehicle yielded 12 large vacuum sealed bags containing raw processed marijuana and a large locked suitcase that also had the odor of marijuana. Again, the pair of now alleged traffickers denied having a key or combination to the container. A search warrant was obtained and the suitcase was opened, where 17 additional large vacuum sealed bags containing marijuana were located. The total combined weight of marijuana was over 30 pounds.
Oshay Mann and Brandon Howard, of San Antonio, Texas, were arrested and booked into the Murray County Jail. Both have been charged in the District Court of Murray County and have since posted bond.
Trafficking marijuana has been on the rise throughout the state. It seems with the over abundance of available of marijuana product from seemingly legal grow operations, the facilities have capitalized on a tax-free source of income. Sheriff Darin Rogers wants to thank the Oklahoma Highway Patrol and the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics for their assistance during and after this case.

GIVE THAT GUY A TREAT. Teamwork was the name of the game in a traffic stop on I-35 that netted 30 pounds of packaged marijuana. Deputy Mike Woods and his K9 partner Max made the traffic stop that resulting in drug trafficking charges for two Texas men.

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