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Three Davis Residents on April 2 Ballots

The Davis School Board and Southern Tech School Board Elections will take place Tuesday, April 2. Robert “Bubba” Bolding faces Neeley Bell Barnett in the Davis School Board Election and Davis resident, Brian McDaniel will face Zack Gadberry in the Southern Tech Board of Education election.
Davis School Board
Bolding is completing his first five year term on the Davis School Board. He served 2 years as clerk and 3 years as the Board President. He and wife, Tiffany are second generation alumni and children, are third generation alumni. Bolding has detailed his years on the Davis School Board with a list of accomplishments and benchmarks in his campaign ads through March. He said his two interests in being on the school board are what is best for Davis students and seeing continuous improvement.
Challenger, Barnett and her husband, Todd, are both Davis alumni. Their son Dallas is a sophomore at Davis High School and daughters Kobe and Lexi are both graduates of Davis High School. Barnett is a member of the Alumni Association and was a part of the Murray County Livestock Show community with FFA.
Barnett is an active parent that attends most every school event and said she’s proud to represent Davis Public Schools. She said she would love to be on the school board to help better the school system in any way possible.
Southern Tech Board of Education
Davis resident Brain McDaniel hopes to retain his seat on the Southern Tech Board of Education with your vote.
McDaniel is finishing his first term as a board member. He was approached to fill a board seat that was being vacated due to the person holding it moving out of state. McDaniel said serving on the Southern Tech board wasn’t on his radar at the time but turned out to be a huge blessing in his life.
McDaniel, a product of Southern Tech, sees the need for the school to perform at its best. This is an educational oasis for high school students and adults who aren’t on the traditional college career path and a trade school is ideal for their future endeavors.
McDaniel will face Zack Gadberry, the middle school principal at Dickson Public Schools.
Early Voting Begins Thursday, March 28
Early voting begins Thursday for voters in Murray County. Voters who will not be able to make it to the polls on Election Day, have the option of voting early at the Murray County Expo Center.
Murray County Election Board Secretary Rhonda Summers said early voting is open to all voters. “You do not need to provide an excuse to vote early. Oklahoma allows early voting for all elections conducted by the County Election Board or State Election Board—from school board and municipal elections to state and federal elections. This is a great option for those who will be out of town on Election Day or who want to avoid long lines,” Summers said.
Early voting is available Thursday and Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Murray County Expo Center located at 3490 Highway 7. Summers reminds voters that early voting is not available at polling locations.
Some voters may need assistance to vote because they are blind or visually disabled, physically disabled or infirmed or illiterate. Such individuals may request to have an assistant or vote privately and independently using the ATI device attached to the voting device. Those who require assistance should talk to their precinct official or contact the County Election Board directly for instructions.
For questions, please contact the Election Board at (580) 622-3800.
Deadline to Change Party Affiliation Approaches
Oklahomans who want to change their party affiliation must submit their change no later than Sunday, March 31 Murray County Election Board Secretary Rhonda Summers said. Voters may change their party affiliation online using the OK Voter Portal at or by completing a new Voter Registration Application.
Summers reminds voters that no party changes are allowed from April 1 through August 31 during an even-numbered year.
“If we receive your request after March 31, we are required by law to hold that request and process it in September,” Summers said.
Oklahoma has three recognized parties: Democratic, Republican, and Libertarian.
In Oklahoma, voters must be a registered member of a party in order to vote in that party’s primary election. Independents are permitted to participate in a primary election, only if a party officially requests its elections be opened to Independent voters. Currently, only the Democratic Party allows Independents to vote in its primary elections.
All registered voters, regardless of political affiliation, can vote for any candidate during a General Election.
Voter Registration Applications can be downloaded from the State Election Board website at Applications are also available at the Murray County Election Board located at 703 West Eleventh Street, Sulphur.
Election Day Reminders and Tips
Voters will head to the polls on Tuesday, April 2 for the Davis Board of Education, Southern Tech Board of Education and Sulphur Municipal Election. The polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Murray County Election Board Secretary Rhonda Summers recommends voters with questions about their eligibility or polling place call before Election Day. “We provide a number of additional services to voters on Election Day, so it can get very busy. If you have any questions, we strongly suggest you call or come by the week before Election Day if possible. If you find that you do have a question on Election Day, however, don’t hesitate to call.”
Summers says the State Election Board’s OK Voter Portal is the easiest way for voters to verify their registration, locate their polling place, and view a sample ballot. The OK Voter Portal can be found at
The County Election Board reminds voters to bring a current federal or Oklahoma state-issued photo ID, or federally-recognized tribal ID to their polling place. An official Voter Identification Card can also be used as proof of identity. If you forget your ID, you may still cast a provisional ballot by signing an affidavit. Provisional ballots will be verified and if valid, will be counted after Election Day and before the election is certified.
For questions, contact the Murray County Election Board at (580) 622-3800. The County Election Board is located at 703 West Eleventh Street, Sulphur. Office hours are 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., Monday through Friday.

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